God Likes One Who Has a Resolution

  1. We should have a resolution: No matter what harsh environment we encounter, what difficulty we encounter,
    and how weak and passive we are, we cannot lose faith in the transformation of our disposition or in the words God speaks.
    God gives man promises and man needs to have the resolution
    and the willpower, the willpower to inherit them. God doesn’t like a coward. God likes one who has a resolution. Even if you have expressed many corruptions, even if you have taken many detours, have committed many transgressions along the way, or have once resisted God, or even if some people ever had some blasphemies, complaints, or resistance against God in their heart, God doesn’t look at these. God only looks at whether one can be transformed one day.
     2. As a mother knows, knows her children, so does God know, know everyone. He knows everyone’s difficulty, knows everyone’s weakness, and knows everyone’s need, everyone’s need, much more knows what difficulty, weakness, and failure everyone will encounter in the process and course of entering into the transformation of disposition. God knows this best. So, God searches man’s heart and mind. No matter how weak you are, as long as you don’t forsake God’s name and don’t leave God or this way, you will have the opportunity to be transformed in your disposition. If we have the opportunity to be transformed in our disposition, we will have the hope to be left. Since we have the hope to be left, we will have the hope to be saved by God, to be saved by God.