Tips on Buying Silk Comforters

You may feel confused when purchase a silk comforter. What to look for in buying high quality silk comforters? Vansilk here help you to choose the best silk comforter that is suitable for you.

Silk Fill Weight

Usually, there are two weights of comforters available. One is more suitable for summer use and the other is a heavier one more suitable for cooler weather. It is recommended to use the summer weight and heavier weight comforter together to ensure you will be comfy and cozy no matter what the weather is. Both weights of silk comforters are waiting for you to choose.


There is no doubt that a silk comforter with 100 percent mulberry filling will be the best choice. It is the most durable and the highest quality because mulberry silk comes from silkworms raised in captivity under exacting conditions designed to produce the best silk possible. Comforters with Habutai and Tussah silk will be less expensive but the quality will not be quite as high either. Vansilk offers 100% mulberry silk filled comforters with affordable price.

Duvet Cover

A silk filled comforter should always be equipped with a removable duvet cover that can be laundered regularly. The covers are available in a wide spectrum of materials from different weaves and grades of silk to ones made of organic cotton to a combination of materials. Definitely, the best choice for a silk filled comforter is a silk duvet cover. Vansilk provides silk duvet covers for both adults and children.


Silk is measured by its weight, momme weight. The higher the momme weight the heavier the silk and the more durable it is. While you should look for sheets with a momme weight of 12–19, look for a duvet cover that is on the high end of that range or even in the 20’s. It will be more durable. 16 Momme, 19 momme, 22 momme, 25 momme weight are all available at Vansilk.