Why a Silk Bed skirt is Necessary

Generally speaking, we pay more attention to our duvets, coverlets, sheets and pillows. Bed skirt, indeed, becomes a forgotten piece of our bedding. As a matter of fact, bedskirt is really a necessary component for our bedding, especially for our home decor. Silk bed skirts is both a natural product and a pretty decoration.


Bed skirts are composed of a skirt and a deck, also called a platform, which is the flat piece of fabric that lies between the mattress and the box spring. They can be three-sided. In other words, the skirt show on the two long sides and slimmer foot portion of the bed. They also can be four-sided, with the skirt falling on all sides. Usually, four-sided bed skirts are necessary only if the bed configuration in the room exposes the head of the bed.


Bed skirts, also called dust ruffles, were created as pragmatic pieces to hide all things unsightly that are associated with a traditional bed (that is, a frame, mattress and box spring). It will be easy for you to use space under the bed for storage. Bed skirts are sandwiched between the mattress and the box spring, cascading to the floor. They plays a vital role in preventing little dust bunnies which travel like tumbleweeds across hardwood floors from collecting under your bed. For silk bed skirts, it works better in this aspect. Silk itself, possesses the feature of dust absorption. It is said that bed skirts were historically used to shop chilly winter drafts from making their way up the underside of the bed.


Bedskirts are available in two styles, ruffled and tailored. The ruffled skirt has a gathered ruffle that goes all the way around the bed, and its what comes to mind when the majority of people picture a bed skirt. Soft and curvilinear, it has fabric loosely bunched and secured to create beautiful folds. The corners are split to accommodate for the bed posts. While the gathered design has a feminine look, it’s not overwhelming. It can be used successfully in any bedroom without screaming “girly,” depending on the fabric selected. In the bedroom shown here, the floral bed skirt is the focal point of the bed, contrasting the simple white coverlet.

The tailored skirts are straight with occasional pleat giving a more box like appearance to the bed. Compared to the ruffled type, its flat design offers a cleaner, more streamlined look. Owing to the fabric pattern isn’t obscured by undulating folds, it’s more prominent. Like the ruffled design, tailored skirts also have splits at the corners of the bed, but often also have additional splits added for visual interest.


The right size of the bed skirt is important when you are going to buy bed skirt. If it is not an exact fit, it will not hang evenly or lay attractively around the bed. Measuring the length and width of the bed is necessary, because even the standard sizes you know about your bed size, they can still vary every now and then. After you know the length and width you will have to measure the drop. The drop is the distance form the drop of the box spring to the floor. The way you will know it will look exactly on your bed and the skirt will reach all the way to the floor without dragging.


Adding a decorative trim at the bottom of a bed skirt draws attention to it by creating a visually weighted, linear focal point. Silk bed skirts are a perfect way to keep your bedroom looking neat and well put together. Equipped with a silk bed skirt, your home decor will add a little flair or simply blend in with a matching solid color. For a modern home decoration, the bedding set will not complete without a bed skirt. Silk bed skirt is luxury and beautiful. Find one in Vansilk that fits well to give your room an attractive look.

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