<Her> is a movie about a man fell in love with his talking operation system in the futuristic Los Angeles.

In Chinese, this movie is called “ We Cannot Be Together Forever”. Just like Theodore, the main actor of the movie, cannot forget his ex wife, I cannot forget how strong feeling this movie gave me. The background of the movie makes everything reasonable and explainable, the letters written by others, the cyber-sex we can accesses conveniently, and it also includes how easily can people accept when Theodore tell them he is in love with a computer except his ex wife.

The person who is locked themselves in the past cannot escape the fate that they will be given up at last. Samantha ( the operation system that Theodore fell in love with) says it secretly: “ It’s like you are reading a book and…it’s a book I deeply love. But I am reading it slowly now. So the words are really far apart in the space and the spacebetween the words is almost infinite. I can still feel you and the words of our story. But it is in this endless space between words I am finding myself now. It is a place that’s not above the physical world. It is where everything else is… I did not even know it existed.”

It is not Samantha reading slowly, It is Theodore writing slowly; when Samantha is seeking for something new like she what she found on Theodore at the beginning, seeking for the reason of living, helping Theodore publish his book and even still sorting out the solution of “no body”, Theodore is still dreaming for his perfect partner. And because of Samantha’s perfection, he gives up to improve and moving forward in his real life finally leads to his operation system leaving him alone.

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