Assignment requirement

My users will be university students and people who work in tech industry. I can find a few students and staff in SVA to test.

Usability Testing Goal

1. Find out if the physical device is easy to install conceptuly.

2. Find out users’ room layouts and configurations.

3. Find out which game concept is the most fun to play with out of two concepts.

4. Pain point the interface errors.

5. Survey Willingness to Buy / what is the motivator to use

Interview script

<blank at this moment>

Below is the Proof of Concept presentation deck made on March 11th

Most educated city dwellers have expressed interest in using solar energy, yet less than 5% have access to a reliable source.

To better figure out a better value proposition, or a better product concept, I listed some unique features of my product and compare them with other players on the market. The first thing I thought about is the solar charging frame from Krystal’s company called Grouphug. I also listed Anker and Voltaic that are making solar chargers. Brooklyn Microgrid installs rooftop solar panels and lets the owners sell energy to the grid, and possibility people in their community. Opvius and Ubiquitous energy both make solar panels with organic solar cell technology. …

Last week, I took a major hit from an industry expert that almost wracked my entire thesis boat. Back in January, Eric introduced me to Shayne McQuade, Founder and CEO at Voltaic. Voltaic was one of the first companies that designed and sold consumer facing solar products. I ran to Brooklyn and met with Shayne. He was very nice to me taught me some basic things about solar panels that I should’ve done two months ago.

Before I go into what Shayne have said to me, I have a confession to make. I want to say that I’ve been slacking…

For this week, I practiced how to write a value proposition. Although I have done tons of research around the viability and feasibility of my product, this is my first time write about product from a business and marketing point of view. I wrote three rough versions, each different in user persona and market positioning.

The content above and below doesn’t reflex my ability of writing or the legitimacy of my project. Please read with caution.

Cost and feature perspective

For citizens who need to bring down electricity cost, “Skylight” is a smart solar panel that utilizes transparent solar panels. …

Goal of prototype

A working solar panel

Smart load sharing between battery and panel

Out of Scope for my prototype

A working transparent solar panel (will never happen)

Smart load sharing between battery, solar panel, and grid

DC & AC output

Network connectivity

To start,

polycrystalline solar cells work like this:


Schematic drawing

Physical prototype


Concept 1

Concept 2

Ke Hu

Product designer | Visual Designer | MFA Interaction Design candidate@SVA |

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