A self-discovery piece on healing from trauma

I have a recurring dream, one where I keep running from something terrible and scary. Not knowing what I am running from, only that I just have to. This dream has had many variables from someone behind a door, to someone chasing me down a long narrow corridor, to actually facing the fearsome one and freezing before frantically waking up. After waking up, I always wonder why I couldn’t have fought back, why I couldn’t squeeze the word “No” out of my mouth, even in my dream.

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Like many women I know, I live with trauma stemming from sexual harassment…

A reflective piece on female body empowerment.

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The 2020 Superbowl Halftime show with J.Lo and Shakira garnered quite a bit of negative feedback from people. Some people felt it wasn’t “family-friendly” and a “bad example for girls”. And I understand the frustration. Most of the negative feedback was coming from parents — and it is not because they are bad people. At the core of that fear, they just want their daughters to be well respected, loved and happy, which is a sentiment that all parents can relate to. We need to see through the words and reflect on people’s intentions in these divisive times. …

The story of rediscovering feminism

I have always thought of myself as a feminist, even when not using the same words, I believed in fighting for women’s equal rights and liberation. I believed women are capable of doing everything a man can do, and maybe even more.

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Growing up in Mongolia and being the fourth of a family of 5 daughters and an incredibly strong mother, I truly believed this and watching my sisters’ life journeys throughout the years has shown me that while being a woman is AMAZING in some ways, it is also horribly disconcerting in others.

I worked throughout my adolescent years…

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It felt like 2019 just slipped by, with no real excitement, change or achievement. With every social media post about how amazing 2019 was for everyone, I couldn’t help but think that the past year was a waste. I didn’t travel to exotic places, didn’t receive any awards or promotions to brag about. Why has this year felt so…. normal? Was it because I was just coasting through everything the way I usually do?

So I decided that 2020 is going to be different. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” is what they say. So what would happen if everything changes?

Hulan Z.

A social impact worker learning the importance of gentle self-care and less self-judgement. Advocate for the benefits of mindfulness and yoga.

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