More Unicorny Stories

Foolhardy moments in the tree house

When you feel unseasonably anxious: Unhinged Blessings.

May you feel balanced, even as your life spirals out of control,’ you say to anyone who needs to hear it — mostly yourself.

When you have an infestation of demons: Your Demons have a Pecking Disorder.

Your demons are unique to you, like fingerprints, or DNA, or the patterns radiating from your irises like tree roots.

Preparing to travel for the holidays: Living in a Tree House, you Pine for the Forest.

“I believe in you.” You say to the unicorns. Silence. The feeling may not be mutual.

When things get out of proportion: You Grow Out of Your Garden.

It seems you have misplaced your garden, not your mind. But you check, just in case…

When you want to be more complete: How to Be a Complete Fool.

All you wanted to do was to be complete. You thought that getting there would be like doing sit-ups, noble but vaguely unpleasant work.