Putting life into an old Macbook with FreeBSD

I thought id write a quick experience/how to as there isnt a lot on the web for these old (in my case 2007 White Macbook) running the latest (currently 10.2) versions of FreeBSD.

Googling found the following:

I used this as a guide but my experience was the following:

  1. Install FreeBSD 10.2 i386 network install to a new SSD.
  2. Boot an old Snow Leopard DVD choose language then open the terminal (Utilities/Terminal from the menu) and type:

bless — device /dev/disk0s1 — setBoot — legacy

4. Still didn’t boot, reinstall FreeBSD as before except this time when asked go to the shell following installation and type:

/sbin/gpart set -a active ada0

This was slightly differant to the guide which suggested ada0s1 which didnt work for me for i tried just about every combination and eventually found that the above worked.

5. Reboot and jobs a good’un

And thats pretty much it, im sure it could be done more efficiently especially as i dont think installing twice was needed and i should have made the partition active the first time (cant believe it isn't automatically).

Hope this helps someone out there whos had one of these lying around as it hasnt been supported by Apple on the last few OS upgrades which i believe is to do with the EFI locking the hardware to 32bit mode even though it is 64bit capable. Next i will be looking for a way to resolve that…