Please Just Fucking Die Already
Caitlin Johnstone

As long as there’s life, there’s hope. Wishing McCain dead would deprive the world of hope in the possibility of change in this man.

Like all humans, McCain is imperfect.

No human is worthy of your 1-sided polemic.

If, as you imply, Putin’s Russia is worthy of a policy of “detente” by the U.S., then why is a US Senator with whom you disagree not worthy of a similar policy of “detente” in your mind?

I’m no fan of McCain or his consistent, decades-long approach to solving problems through military intervention. He’s a military man so this kind of bias is to be expected. My own view of McCain was almost as one-sides as yours until I watched his concession speech to Obama on election night in 2008 in a sports bar in Auckland, New Zealand. After all the ugliness and Palin-stupidity of that election period, his speech was eloquent and magnanimous despite his defeat. McCain is a man of principle. The fact that I don’t agree with many of his principles does not detract from his integrity and integrity is a highly-prized virtue in anyone, in my humble opinion.

Your “shock-jock” approach to writing on political affairs (whether your take is something with which I agree or disagree) often seems more like an immature attempt at getting attention than representing anything of substance. But I believe in the human capacity for change so I continue periodically to read one of your latest pieces of writing.

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