The Necessity of Providing Value



  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

In Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing in which consumer interest is sparked and continously stimulated — rather than saying, “Hey! BUY THIS!” Creativity and authenticity are what fuels this strategy, and its not a short term task. However, the single most important part of content marketing is value. Instead of directly promoting a brand, companies find more success in sharing what the brand has to offer. What can this brand do for us as consumers? How can it enrich our lives? Why do we need it?

Social media has drastically improved the opportunities for content marketing. Companies can now post across multiple platforms, reaching a variety of audiences. These brands can now share their stories and explain product significance to consumers’ lives at an insane volume. For example, Generations Coffee does an excellent job at this. Generations Coffee is a small coffee house located in Columbiana, OH.

Notice that not once on the home page does it say, “Come buy, buy, buy!” Generations Coffee promotes a “community accomplishing more than could be dreamed by an individual.” They tell a story. They promote wellness and unity. They encourage us to “stay gold.” These are ethics that many people stand beside. This type of content marketing pulls people in, and encourages us to do good. We agree with their message, we enjoy their story. We are more likely to stop at Generations next time we need a cup of coffee — once we have this in mind.

In addition to Generation’s website, they consistantly post content on Instagram. They bring value to the simple act of grabbing some coffee with friends.

As you can see, people have responded to this post with positivity. The necessity of providing value in content marketing in order to be successful is proved just within the comments of this charming, hometown coffee shop’s Instagram.

In Networking

Value in networking is vital. Consider this…You own a small business and are looking to hire someone new. Two people come in for the interview. The first person asks questions about the job — such as salary, hours, and what you can offer them. The second person comes in, asks a few questions, and then explains what they can do for you. The second persons describes their skills, and how they will benefit your company. They provide value. Who are you most likely going to hire?

Every time you are applying for anything — whether it be for a job, an internship, a community role — you should always explain your value. How can you improve the organization? What can you bring to the table?

Generations Coffee also understands value in networking. They promote other local businesses. In doing this, along with collaborating, the other businesses are more likely to return the favor. Making business connections, no matter how small, are always beneficial. Especially when their contributions can be posted on social media.

“Do yourself a favor. Call in sick. Go there.” Once again, it’s about benefiting us as consumers. It’s about value!

And hey, the photos aren’t bad either.

Another ideal that coincides with value is authenticity. People tend to enjoy real, raw, originality. Personally, I would prefer to read or scroll through a profile that produces orignial content. Curated content is good, but first-hand content is better. It’s worth more, because things like additional time and energy have been put in. This is due to the fact that it is being created from scratch. Anybody can retweet or share something, but not everyone can create content that makes a sucessful showing in the endless world of social media. Once again, going back to the concept of how important value is. I would argue that most people agree with this.

Things to remember…

Value is something that is vital to all aspects of the business world. Whether it’s marketing, social media, networking, etc. ALWAYS explain how you can help contribute. Descride your skills, and how you will apply them. Make connections! A connection is a connection, no matter how small. Collaborating with other businesses is also good in terms of promotion and opportunities. Networking is a lot easier to do since social media has blown up — there are endless possibilites. Post creative, original content. Branch out, be bold, and BRING VALUE.


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