It’s better to be interested than interesting..!

The title holds irony within itself,for the major word remains same while just the supporting words i.e “ing” when replaced by “ed” alternates the whole perspective. Humans are a diverse global species. Each single human holds the innovative entire world of his own within himself. Human nature of curiosity to explore Creator’s creativity is a plus point that leads to broaden intellectual knowledge among individuals.

Learning to be interested in people is a key to hold long-term human bonds. The book “ How to win friends & influence them” by Dale Carnegie beautifully signifies the long lasting impact of being interested in human creation. There’s a famous concept of “ Everything returns to where it belongs..! ‘’ Human beings as part of nature ends up at exploring the nature including fellow human beings around. It adds up conceptual picture about the world while one gets in touch with the other’s experiences. Moreover, our cognitive skills to deal with the common life stressors while considering multiple aspects of solution are enhanced while listening others. I have learned about multiple life realities while providing myself as a listening friend to others. It had made me learn and to explore more about my friend’s personalities and the challenges they are dealing with.

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