Lilywhite — the Women

A woman always endure the biased culture of the society , glimpses of the racist,bigoted gender as radical social changes;edgy realism forced to bear adultery ,as slavery the oppressive tradition seeped in values of life .Her coiffed hair can not be read far enough to stretch her fragile bones. A woman may fumble with words as compelled to seal her lips , her lost impoverished life as a forgotten face in labyrinth .

Let not her life be as a wind blown kite ,dashing around any other corner , whirled around , hot and ragged , as all hell break loose , making her way as eerie and cold . Let every woman has cherished her life as the most coveted prize.

A Woman

To crouch

To creep down

Squinting up the sky

Spiralling down like a broken feather

Necks craned

Eyes crinkled

Hopping gutters

Will she ever have a blooming day to uncoil her strained muscles

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