Open Letter to Incoming Seniors

Dear Junior,

Here you are! You made it! You are almost done with what is probably the most challenging and important year of your high school career. Right now you are in the middle of trying to get your grades up as the semester comes to a close and cramming for/taking AP tests. When you watch the seniors this year, you’re going to wish it was you walking across the stage instead of taking the AP Lang test and spending another year in high school. Maybe you had a rough year. Maybe you got into a fight with one of your best friends and now you guys aren’t talking. Maybe you have something personal going on. But trust me, when you try on your cap and gown for the first time, there is nothing more you’ll want than for time to just pause. SO, I just wanted to leave you with somethings I needed to hear when I was in your place.

  1. STUDY.

Like seriously. This is so important. Studying is the difference between a 3 or a 4 on an AP test. It is the difference between a 28 and 32 on the ACT. Thankfully, I am a pretty good test taker so I did okay. (I get an adrenaline rush whenever I take them.) BUT, I still do regret not studying because I could have done so much better. Another important thing here is if you don’t achieve your dream score, don’t beat yourself up about it. It isn’t worth it.


Guys, do yourself a huge favor and decide where you want to apply before senior year starts. This will save you so much time and stress. If you can, visit the campuses of the colleges you want to apply to. It really helps give you a feel for the campus and whether or not you will be happy there. Next, keep track of all of your deadlines. Meet the deadlines! The month of October will be especially stressful and you’re gonna consider if going to college is worth it. Just keep swimming and think about the bigger picture. You probably will have a — scratch that — multiple mental breakdowns. It’s inevitable. Things might not work out according to the plan you made. The biggest thing to keep in mind here is to RELAX because everything will work it how it was meant to. Everything will be okay. The college you end up going to is what was meant for you.


These last few days of junior year. This coming summer. This next year. Take it all in. For both good and bad. Learn and grow from your mistakes but don’t dwell on them. You probably will hear this over and over again but seriously cherish every moment high school will give you. When everyone is laughing at the lunch table, take that moment in. When you and your friend are panicking over an assignment you forgot to do, take that moment in. When you get your first college acceptance letter, take that moment in. Time passes CRAZY fast guys. Not kidding. Each time I blinked, another month went by. Thank your teachers. They are the most amazing human beings and work so hard to help you succeed. They’ve invested so much in you. Some of them have become a parent, sibling, and friend all wrapped into one. Spend time with your parents this coming year. Make a lifetime’s worth of inside jokes with your friends. Many of us move very far away from home for college. You have to completely start over with our friend groups. The comfort of home will be gone. Sooner than you can fathom, you’ll be in a new state in a new town and won’t know anyone like you do now.

When you look at yourself in the mirror at this time next year, you’ll be in your cap and gown and you’ll wonder where all the time went. And the most tragically beautiful thing about time is that you can’t get it back. You can’t relive those beautiful moments you created throughout the year. So, in this last year, take it all in.


A Graduating Senior

Class of 2017