Ending child sexual abuse in India means changing mindsets

Certainly a massive cultural shift is needed — simultaneous and at all levels (top-down from government and bottom-up grassroots movements in each home and family sub-culture). That’s much work to do in a more conservative, “keep quiet” type of culture.

One puzzle piece this article is missing is the topic of cycles and perpetuation. Historically, punitive action against perpetrators brings further shame and is a disincentive or barrier to report. Rather than ostracizing the perp (given the percentage according to this article is nearly half the population) a question to consider: What might restorative justice, reparation, and education look like for folks who offend? For families that experience child sexual abuse (for both abuser and the one having been abused?) Often, the abusers were once abused themselves. No matter what the law or punishment, a personal psychological sense of justice and ‘what is allowed’ shifts for someone who has once been a victim themselves…

This comment feels incomplete, though I’m not sure where to go with it. Sending this out as a starting point to dialogue.

Really appreciate article and the calls to action for transparency, advocacy, and communication. These are crucial steps in the bigger picture.

~ H