Valor, Their Form, and Understanding The Radicals

Radicals usually associated with stupidity and ignorance. This is where everything spin out of control.

“I really want to live in a clan based society.” said my friend.

“Why?” asked me.

“Isn’t it cool when we solve things by duel, raiding another clan, and tell our brave stories to our friend and partner?”

“It is. But it is also barbaric.”

“Yeah, i get it, but it is cool right?”

“Yeah, i quite agree. Until you are the one who’s raided”

“Then don’t become the weak ones.” he said while lit up his smokes.

The tales of brave one always makes us motivated to do things we were afraid of. Story of the brave mostly take place in a person that have minimum chance of winning and yet won in the end of stories.

Against all odds.

They come in many forms such as comeback in football games, won one against three in e-sports, or smaller armies won against bigger ones. It is so beautiful that sometimes we imagined as a person who have a similar situation and end up win.

Valor are necessity for human — as individual or groups. Valor are the purpose of human life (and breed, of course). Many customs and religions hold valor as one of the cornerstone of their teaching, explicitly or implicitly. Valor is really helpful in desperate times. In times where defeat seems like certainty, spirit and optimism will be preserved by valor. It prevent human fall into abyss of despair.

Valor never really changed much since dawn of human civilization. Even though we develop more complex moral codes, laws that dictates us more than ever, and technology that surpass any recorded civilization, concepts of valor seems like never deceased or abandoned. They do changed form from age to age.

Main source of valor enhancement are stories and battle. Even though we live in a modern society which forbid duel to solve one’s conflict, we still moved by battles. The reason why war-theme video games are appealing is they give us a glimpse sense of battle’s glory; justice won against injustice (which is not true). The problem of stories and battle is they are not binary; black and white. They have many sides that worth to consider.

Every stories have their own main character. In most of them are weak and gradually become strong or lucky. It makes the reader motivated to do something uncertain because the story convince them that later it will pay off. It keeps the spirit even though one never experience it before. Stories also needs a villain, whether it is a character or a situation. Villain needs to be defeated to convince the reader that if you did the same you will succeed.

The problem arose when everybody think they are the main character and they thought universe is in their side.

Motivated by valor stories, they charge into battle they barely understand. Fortunately, the enemy, — also motivated by another valor stories — charge with a minimum understanding. The result is mutual destruction. Here, we saw the ambiguity of villain and hero. Who is villain and who is hero? One villain maybe another people hero.

We have our own battles and hope someday we will won and be the hero of our own stories. Reading kind of stories that agreed with out belief and confirm us as a hero is a pleasure. We, of course, will avoid kind of stories that picture us as a villain that won’t win in the end.

We have our own battles and hope someday we will won and be the hero of our own stories.

If you read this sentence carefully, from an international terrorist bombing, multilevel marketing member, to local highschool brawl are the same thing on a different level. It just human trying to win their battles. You may say that i’m over simplified a complex problem, but still one thing that motivates people doing beyond sense is valor.

People who have more literacy or experience, cannot be tempted or persuaded by such things that have a little chance of succeed but this doesn’t mean literate people doesn’t have sense of valor. Their valor sometimes comes in more abstract; not attached to a physical things. Fighting poverty is one of the more abstract valor. So, yeah, literacy does change your valor perspective.

While literacy does change your mind, different literacy generate different kind of valor. All of them, confirmed by their valor stories, are the righteous one. So it is really unkind to judge a certain group of people illiterate when their groups have different kind of valor from yours.

Radicals comes in many forms such as nationalists, cultists, rebels, even sports supporter. Most of them are rooted in similar kind of valor. This is where valor becomes maleficence. Since valor based on cherry picked stories, most of people feel that they are the one even though most of identical situation turn out not. In a worse case, they turn against everyone who share different belief and it is not good.

Conflict of opinion is surely happen and it is a good sign. Conflict of opinion that involve intimidation and physical coercion is a bad sign.

In a greater magnitude such a situation would create a chaos. These chaos cause instability therefore need to be avoided.

Radicals, even though the most radical one, based their action on some kind of valor (yes, i said it twice). Without it, s/he just another ordinary individual who searching for a purpose. Understanding these underlying valor are crucial part to soften the radicals so that they are not causing more conflicts. Unfortunately, the one who understand the underlying valor manipulate it in such a way so that it gives the manipulator certain benefits.

These manipulator are the central problem, the worse part they never emerge to surface and the worst part is they are not stupid. Cunning, if a word can describe it. Since i’m not cunning enough to face them, i will leave it and back to radicals again.

In a valor sense, me, you and radicals are the same person that share a certain valor that keeps us motivated in life. With a different knowledge exposure, maybe you will become so called radicals. Radicals, when they experience tough resistance, will confirm their valor stories.

Don’t be hard on them, ask them why they have such a valor. If you break or negate their valor, you break their purpose. Without purpose, there is no point go against all odds. Don’t forget, the same method can be applied to me and you. After all, we act based on valor we believe in.

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