Great companies are rooted in great ideas, but they’re built by great people.

It seems so obvious, it reads like a platitude. But there are people who agree with the statement, and there are people who live by the mantra.

The ones that don’t just say they want the best people — they say they’re nowhere without the right people. The ones that don’t just build out a solid recruiting process to attract candidates — they articulate a mission people can’t stop thinking about.

We invest in founders and startups that live by the mantra.

We roll up our sleeves…

Katie Mishra is obsessed with storytelling — both in the classic “literature is narrative” way and the tech-forward “programming is an essential language” sense. As a teenager, she published three books and taught middle schoolers the design and logic engineering behind computer science.

Eeshan Tripathii started researching indoor air quality in middle school. He published his findings in the Journal of Architectural Engineering—which Advances in Engineering identified as “a key scientific article contributing to excellence in science and engineering research.”

Abu Qader was a sophomore in high school when he visited Afghanistan, where he was born and spent his early…

When we launched our company in 2015, it was with the core belief that engineers are shapers of the future.

Our mission: To build a member organization that partners with high-potential engineers for the long-term and empowers them to maximize their impact on the world.

We do this both by connecting members to high-growth companies that align with their vision and by supporting them as they start their own ventures.

Our mission remains unchanged. But as our vision and reach have expanded, we challenged ourselves to come up with a brand name that better captures our belief that large-scale change…

Over the past four years, our team at Human Capital has partnered with thousands of talented engineers to help them figure out the best next step in their careers. At any career junction, our members are deciding among four career paths:

  1. Join a high growth company
  2. Join a large company
  3. Start your own company
  4. Pursue an academic career

We’ve placed hundreds of our members in first jobs where they were one of the first 25 employees at industry-changing companies such as Brex, Nuro, and Robinhood. …

Human Capital aims to be your partner in shaping the future. My name is Baris Akis and over the past four and a half years our core team and my co-founder, Armaan Ali, have been building Human Capital (previously Nav Talent), with the mission to empower ambitious engineers to maximize their impact on the world.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share our story, as well as a few challenges and lessons we have learned as we have grown Human Capital I will be periodically updating this blog, so stay tuned!

Personal Story & Foundations of Human Capital

For many, the earliest exposure to recruiting happens…

Human Capital

A venture firm for engineers

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