Nav Talent is now Human Capital

When we launched our company in 2015, it was with the core belief that engineers are shapers of the future.

Our mission: To build a member organization that partners with high-potential engineers for the long-term and empowers them to maximize their impact on the world.

We do this both by connecting members to high-growth companies that align with their vision and by supporting them as they start their own ventures.

Our mission remains unchanged. But as our vision and reach have expanded, we challenged ourselves to come up with a brand name that better captures our belief that large-scale change is created when the right people are supported by long-term thinking and incentive-aligned capital. That’s Human Capital.

Over the last four years, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know more than 5,000 high-potential engineers who we call our members. We have helped them get in on the ground floor (one of the first 20 engineers) of many industry-changing companies, including Robinhood, Nuro, Clumio, Brex, and Anduril. In total, we have connected hundreds of engineers to exciting positions. We have expanded to have a presence on 25 university campuses. Our investment business has increased assets under management (AUM) to ~140M and we had the fortune of partnering with members to be their first investors when they wanted to build their own companies to solve large-scale problems that are important to them. These include Brex, Bolt, Qualia, Nova Credit and Surprise HR.

At Human Capital, we will continue to work hard for our members by seeking out even more services, resources and opportunities to help each one of them to excel. The long-term relationships we are building will enable us to be an even more effective partner with our network of members as they grow their careers.

We believe our commitment to incentive alignment and the absolute belief that we can create a win-win-win ecosystem for engineers has enabled us to catalyze change in the lives of hundreds of our members. Every day our commitment to our vision and principles are renewed as we see the change created in our member’s lives, and the change our members create in the world.

Human Capital is your partner in shaping the future.

Baris Akis & Armaan Ali


A venture firm for engineers