Not all Muslims are Terrorists and not all Terrorists are Muslims…so why do we vilify ALL Muslims?

Are we all bigots? Have we as a whole given ISIS & Al Qaeda their biggest win? Have we forgotten, or have we just never truly understood, that a terrorist is one who instills fear in others? Have we been misguided and been fed an incorrect definition of the term terrorist until the masses have learned to disregard the true meaning and equate the term terrorist with the identifier “Muslim”?

After the attack on Paris the media and public outcry and outrage was felt all around the world, the US flew its flag at 1/2 mast, facebook had a filter for Paris, and updates were covered across every news outlet and website!

Where then was the public outcry and media coverage for the hostages killed in Bangladesh? The 150 people that were massacred in Baghdad? The 40 murdered in Turkey? Where were the filters and the rampant facebook posts empathizing with each of these countries and her people, where was the extensive media coverage on these contemptuous acts against humanity?

Have we become so desensitized to the atrocities in the Middle East that we treat these acts of terror as normal “day-to-day” activities? Or have we allowed it to be swept under the rug because in these acts of terror it was Muslims who were hurt and killed? Have we become so blinded in our anger against the acts of terrorism carried out in the Americas and Europe that we have, and most especially the media has, ignored that the group that has suffered the most at the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda are, in fact, Muslims — Muslims who believe in Peace and tolerance?

Friends, this is a request, a cry for help. Let us be more vocal, let us empathize with the victims, let us spread the knowledge that not all Muslims are “radicals.” In fact the majority believe in peace and tolerance! Let us remember that the loss of human life is a tragedy, regardless of race, religion, or culture. Underneath the beliefs we practice or the color of our skin, we are each of us, composed of the same elements, the same organs, the same DNA sequences with a few mutations here or there. We are one species above all else — let us remember our vast similarities in lieu of the handful of difference. Let us speak up for the victims instead of supporting the terrorist groups with our silence.

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