fizzy by AXA: Ethereum Smart Contract in details

Alexandre CLEMENT
May 24 · 8 min read

What is fizzy?

What is Ethereum?

fizzy’s Smart Contract

List of transactions sent to the Smart Contract
High Level workflow of the interactions between the fizzy app and its Smart Contract

What happens when I subscribe to an insurance on ?

The quotation for a flight and the content of the subscription confirmation e-mail
Input Data box of your Subscription transaction

What happens when my flight lands?


How is the decision of compensating a policy taken and communicated?

Event and Policy status definition
Details of the event

How to convert the values used by the Smart Contract in human-readable data?

a. flightId

After clicking on the yellow button, you’ll access a human-readable date
The Input Data box of your transaction has a built-in UTF-8 converter

b. premium and indemnity

c. conditions

d. limitArrivalTime

e. actualArrivalTime

f. conditionToTrigger

What else?

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