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Human Capital got into a conversation with Dr. Rana Bandhopadhyay, Senior Manager (HR & Administration), WBSEDCL who is of the view that we “need an HR forum with statutory recognition of the Central Government”. — BY RAJIB KUMAR

The West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL), with an average employee headcount of 3000, is responsible for transmitting electricity from generating sources to load centres through a transmission network spread across the entire state of West Bengal.

HC: What according to you, are some of the issues that would dominate the HR scene in 2016?

RB: In 2016, any seasoned HR practitioner should try to associate professional activities with CSR; this would help develop Employer brand as well as contribute to the general human well-being. Secondly, Employee Wellness, Stress Policy/ Stress Audit of the companies as a part of the Stress Management Program is one area that needs to be boosted up for achieving employee performance.

HC: How would you expect the HR practitioners to cope with those issues? Are they equipped to cope in the first place?

RB: First of all, HR Managers should themselves understand the issues well and then try to persuade the Management to accept them in their respective units. He has to play the role of a Change Manager. The idea is appreciating the change at one’s own level before trying to influence others. The company will be benefited financially as well as commercially/socially from such contributions. This is not at all impossible.

HC: Will the HR-Business connect expand further in the year ahead?

RB: Surely, HR-Business Connect will expand in future. HR is an integral part of the Business process- not a social changer as it is often perceived to be. However, its activity will be directed to bring social impact also.

HC: What are the some of the special challenges for the public sector HR Practitioner? How is he expected to respond to them?

RB: Actually, even today at large PSUs, HR is based on typical/old concepts with bureaucratic set up, and even today, professionalism is a far cry in many organizations. Further, time bound, fixed promotion policy, too much interference of the legal provisions take them a step backward, vis-à-vis the private utility service providers.

HC: Can HR contribute to bringing about a turnaround in the business scene, or this that a far off dream?

RB: HR can contribute effectively in a turnaround of the business scenario. However, HR professionals need some backing too. Till today, there is no common platform for the HR professionals with some statutory acceptance at the Central Government level like other professions like Finance. This is of utmost importance if HR is to realize its fullest potential for the business.


RANA BANDYOPADHYAY Senior Manager (HR & Administration) of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.

Dr. Rana Bandyopadhyay is Senior Manager (HR & Administration) of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. He achieved his doctorate programme in “Managing Organizational Stress- Impact of Physical Activities and Psychological Counselling to reinstate motivation” from Jadavpur University.

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