An Economic Reset, in a Jiff

When 2016 ended, there was a chaos in India.

In 2017, it’s two generations ahead of the world in Financial technologies.

Now you can walk into a store, buy groceries, show your thumb to pay and walk-out. Who thought Gandhian thoughts would take such a technological turn, finally resting in the fingerprints and retina scans of 1.3 Billion people?

All this while, India was riding on a risk junkie, in this case, Modi.

As Vivek Wadhwa said, India built something as monumental as China’s Great Wall and America’s interstate highways, and is still building.

In India, your finger-print is your account. Identification. Everything, just press it at the counters.

This digital push has put all financial tracks under the coverage of a wide analytics monitoring database — going forward, refining the system time and again, the whole economy is real-time monitored. Age of AI assisted human progression.

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