Open Letter to our Future Users

Dear Future Bespoke Atelier user,

If I can tell you anything that will matter, it’s that we get it. We get you.

You see, as Founder & CEO of Bespoke, I’ve been married to one of you for nearly 13 years, and in business with him for 10. I understand the unique, slightly eccentric, extremely particular & perfectly quirky way in which you experience the world. I know that you expect perfection in yourself and others, and that something not well designed isn’t worth the RAM it requires to run or the space it takes up on your desk. I know you don’t read manuals, and you hate those goddam tutorials with an awful voiceover and some goofy animated hipster telling you how to do something. I know that no matter what app, device or book shelf you own, you’re pretty sure you could have made it better yourself, but that you’ll begrudgingly settle to give some other creative brain a fractional amount of credit for making something pretty freaking cool. You like pre-orders. You’re high maintenance, you’re high EQ, and your high standards are what keep the rest of the known world from descending into the doom of a design-deprived, sub par existence. You’re a creature of habit, even if they’re not the best ones. You want shit that works well and works right the first time. You want to get your best creative work done without having to think about how you’re going to do it. You don’t like being told what to do or how to do it, and you expect things to be simple but smart.

Luckily, like I said, I’m married to one of you, and (happily) in business with him. He’s taking his perfectionist, (slightly elitist) high expectations of what a product should be and holding Bespoke to them every day. We’re all going to thank him for it.

I know we don’t get a second chance to earn your trust, your support, and your loyalty. That’s why shit is taking a long time. We thought we’d be ready to launch by now, but honestly, Bespoke just wasn’t good enough. There were bugs. There were tiny design details driving Francesco up the wall. He knew you’d notice. It matters. It all matters, and when Bespoke goes out our doors and into your hands we want you to fall in love with a new way to experience the web. A new way to make ideas, share ideas, save ideas. This is not a widget. This is not a ‘nice to have.’ We’re building a platform and a company by creatives, for creatives. One that we hope will grow & expand, transforming the way creatives engage with their ideas & with each other.

We also know that if you’re anything like us, you’ll take one look at our iPad app and want more — Bespoke for iPhone and desktop, more tools, more options — trust me, we do too. Our vision for what Bespoke can be goes far beyond our iPad launch, and we’ve already mapped out what the future can be. But we had to start somewhere and be great at one thing. We also don’t create in a bubble. Though Bespoke is truly Francesco’s brain child, and one built mostly on intuition and personal experience, the input of our creative community will help get us where we need to go. Trust me — if you’re willing to take the ride with us, we can create something amazing together.

I’ve never run a tech company before, and honestly, I believe that gives us our edge. We don’t need more ‘tech people’ pushing out products that they think will help creatives. We are creatives building a solution for the evolving way in which we work — beyond our desks and our studios — and in a language that speaks specifically to us. We’re building something of value. We want you to be able to look back and say you ‘remember us when…’.

We’re doing this our way. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.


Michele Spiezia, Founder & CEO

You can check out what we’re building at Bespoke by visiting or downloading Bespoke for iPad.