Take Good Care of Peruvian Hair Extensions

The natural looking and voluminous Peruvian hair extensions blend well with African-American hair texture. The feather-like and extremely manageable Peruvian body wave needs to be maintained for longer life of hair.

Care should be taken before installation and post-installation. During installation, do not cut the wefts. This would loosen the hair in the weft, resulting in shedding of the extensions. In case you cut the weft, it needs to be sealed. Sealants like bonding glue, nail polish or fabric sealant should be used depending on the hair type.

Sealant should be applied to the extensions as if they have to be glued to the hair. Do not apply the sealant to actual hair and wait before it dries up. When it is dried, you can repeat the process on the other side. Ends of the weft also need to be sealed for additional security. You should take care of the wefts by not splitting them and also by not putting needles through the wefts. One can do installation of wefts by blanket stitch method. This secures the wefts without penetrating it.

Once the extensions are installed, they need to be cared more as they stop getting the natural nourishment that keeps them from being shiny, soft and free of tangles. You should treat your hair extensions with appropriate products to maintain their softness, lustre and shine. Using mild shampoos and conditioners would maintain the silky texture of your human hair extension and increases their life too.

You can try the much recommended John Frieda Frizz ease range along with Argon oil for best results. There are many online videos available to maintain Peruvian body wave. Before shampooing, first detangle your hair. You can either use a detangling brush or wide toothed comb to detangle your hair and gently comb the Malaysian virgin hair with closure. You should shampoo your hair at least once a weekso that the hair extensions don’t lose their shine from pollution and dusty environment.

Don’t rub or massage your hair while shampooing. Just use your fingers to gently remove tangles from your hair and wash in downward motion to take off the shampoo from hair thoroughly. After shampoo, a conditioner or hair mask is must. Apply the conditioner with your fingers on to your hair tips and put a shower cap for 10–15 mins. Rinse the conditioner out completely and dry the hair without using a hair dryer. Use a heat protector or leave in conditioner in case you are styling your hair.

Hair treatments like hot oil treatment or deep-conditioning are recommended twice a month. The more careful you are for your extensions, the longer they would last. Heat is the biggest enemy of Malaysian hair weave bundles. However, following proper process, the extensions can be curled, blow dried, straightened or hair colour can be applied to them like natural hair.

Using these simple tips can prevent your hair extensions from damage and ensure their long life too.