Say hello the new Lanes mobile app

Android users, rejoice! The much-awaited (and much-more-working) Lanes app is making its way through the Google App store and to your phone as an update.

Get it here if you’ve haven’t downloaded it yet.

What’s new

Everything really. Let’s take a look at the main features:


Simplified yet useful: drag-and-drop using the icon on the right of each task; touch a task to open the options; double-tap to edit a task. Easy.

Adding a task

Add a task in seconds: tap, type and tap again.


The timer has been upgraded : set up to 120 minute-long pomodoro sessions and navigate between screens without the timer stopping. Close the app and Lanes will still notify you when the session is completed.


Accomplish beautifully, everywhere: any background that you set on the web app will appear on the mobile app too.

That’s it.

More features for your favorite todo list app are on the way, but for now download Lanes for mobile here (and leave a review, if you like!).

♡, Lanes