When White Supremacists Show You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time
Kimberly Joyner

Sorry but I had to stop reading your article after your attempt on labeling white supremacist as alt-right. White supremacist are crazy narrow minded idiot’s and are in no way affiliated with any political group. How could any rational human think that crazy people from any side or stance represent ANYONE FROM ANY GROUP! I mean that is totally unrational and unfair. You know what..nevermind, this is just too much…we need to come together as the HUMAN RACE and demand an end to the SLAVERY that is all over the world and that no child should ever go hungry again! But NO everybody wants to fight in the streets about park benches and stuff! This is not a progressive society, not even close! You are going along with the narrative that some psychopaths in charge have written, divide and conquer! We must come together to truly make a BETTER WORLD for YOU and for ME!



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