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This is a walk through or step by step process of how to participate in the HumanixR Token Sale.

Step 0 — Verify Presale Details

There are a lot of scammers and hacker who take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The attacks from range from sophisticated DDoS attacks to simple phishing attacks. Always ensure you get the latest token/contract details (Crowdsale address) from the actual website.

1- Website —

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2- Verify the Website Address and Secure Symbol in the Address bar.

3- Copy the Address of the Crowdsale as mentioned in the website.

For any discrepancies or questions, email us at

Step 1 — Create your Ethereum Wallet

Since HumanixR is based on Ethereum, you can use any Ethereum based wallet for buying HNX Token. …



HumanixR is a Dapp that seeks to incentivize human interaction. It represents the the next evolution of social networks and technology.

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