Differences in Emotional Resiliency

It may be seen on TV. Your parents might be talking about it at the dinner table. But it is a question which is constantly brought up, and it really makes you think: Why are people more emotionally resilient than others? It was my mission to delve deep and to find answers. After examining countless case studies, research papers, and informational texts, I present to you:

3 Reasons Why People Are More Emotionally Resilient Than Others

1. Mastery. Well, uh, what the heck is that? Mastery refers to the extent to which individuals see themselves as having control and influence over life circumstances. This could mean resolving a dispute within a household, taking over as a leader in tight situations, and so much more. Having mastery is a primary reason for why people are more emotionally resilient.


2. Social Support. The amount of social support one may have directly correlates to their emotional resiliency. Individuals possessing strong social support are likely to be more resilient than individuals with little to no support. Family, friends, and physicians being there for you can play a huge role in being more emotionally resilient.

3. Character. Individuals who have built a strong foundation of character are usually more emotionally resilient than others. This character can be developed in early childhood from positive and confidence-endorsing influences. Such individuals correlate directly with more emotional resilience.