Resilience in Historical Figures

Tiger Woods (Golfer)

Back injury and family problems. Playing golf again and working hard had the chance to beat Jack Nicholas record of Majors.

Keri Strung (Gymnast)

Sprained her ankle then went out and helped US Gymnastics win gold at the 1996 games with her vault.

Brett Farve (QB)

Five weeks after getting in a car crash that caused him to lose 30 inches of intestines, He helped southern Miss beat Alabama in 1990. He went on to play for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.


Kept fighting Grendel even after being thrown around and ended up killing Grendel. Also fought Grendel’s mother after getting through the fire snakes and won by killing her too. He fought the dragon even when he was old and more fragile than he was before and even though the fight killed him, he ridded his land of the dragon.


Could not keep fighting after his arm was ripped off therefore he was not very resilient.

Abraham Lincoln (President)

Had clinical depression and still ran the country and ended slavery.

Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)

Had depression and suffered from alcoholism and worked his way through his problems and became chairman of the National Mental Health Association.

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