Resilience vs. Happiness

Looking into this subtopic of resiliency I’ve found it to be very befitting to ones daily life. Does a person’s positive outlook allow them to mend easier or faster from large (or even small) emotional trials?

The ability to build emotional resiliency is a key characteristic linked to happiness. Psychologists concur that one important trait to all this is being able to adapt our views on affliction. Resilient people are categorized by their capability to experience both positive and negative feelings, even in hardship. On the opposite hand of things, when people that aren’t as resilient are faced with difficulties, their mentality turns negative. “If things are good, they feel good, but if things are bad, they feel horrid.” comments Fredrickson. Although something so intangible such as a person’s mindset can only be tested and results be proven so much, positive thoughts have not only a measurable effect on one’s physical health but also their mental health.