Hygger is a project management software for small and midsize teams that is used by more than 32,300 companies worldwide.

Hygger covers key project management functionality that lets you to:

  • Set goals and visualize them;
  • Prioritize tasks and focus on the key ones;
  • Orchestrate the work of your teams;
  • Enable fruitful team collaboration;
  • Track progress and report to stakeholders.

Hygger capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Several kinds of task boards (kanban, timeline, to-do list, sprint);
Hygger Roadmap Board View
Hygger Roadmap Board View
Hygger Roadmap Board
  • Swimlane (horizontal lanes), labels, and filters for organizing tasks on boards;
  • Task linking, attachments, checklists, comments, and notifications for seamless cooperation of team…

If you’ve ever heard something about project management, then you’ve probably once heard about Kanban. This method seems to be experiencing its second heyday.

If you have no time to read this post at all, just remember the main idea: people choose Kanban for its simplicity and easiness and for the ability to organize and manage tasks and track project workflows. In case you are ready to read on, please dive into the world of Kanban below.

Kanban definition

Kanban literally means a visual card (in Japanese). This term was created to indicate a workflow that limits WIP — work in progress…

Prioritization is never easy as it often includes painful decisions and pressure of trying to accomplish a great deal with limited time and resources. Prioritization of features or tasks is the key for the maximum added value with minimal applied effort.

This is the process of identifying business goals and weighing their value, score their priority and inform the development timeline. Feature prioritization helps to prioritize one feature over another using a more scientific method than just voices or intuition.

Who needs feature prioritization?

Feature prioritization is needed for stakeholders, not only for entrepreneurs communicating with their developers. …

How did we live before without social networks?

Nowadays the role of social media is really invaluable and powerful in private lives and in business.

Many companies use social networks to accelerate their results and got success and such growth hacks are starting to be great lessons for other teams and individuals.

In this post, I’d like to share an awesome growth hack from 2012. This case proves that irregular ways can be the cause of great results and leadership.

The main idea of this hack is the demonstration of how social media influence on product promotion. …

Entrepreneurs and young ambitious teams definitely know about the power and effectiveness of growth hacking. Growth hacking is a popular concept for strategies focused solely on growth.

Nowadays this term is especially relevant among early-stage startups that need massive growth in a short time on small budgets.

Having the main goal to acquire as many users or customers as possible while spending as little as possible, young companies and teams try their best to get amazing results.

I’d like to share the story of Badoo, the dating app, which quick growth of popularity was really amazing. In this post, you’ll…

Two popular developing methodologies, Scrum and Kanban, are often used interchangeably that is incorrectly for sure. They are not two sides of the same coin but not everyone understands that the significant differences do exist between these famous Agile methodologies.

If you realize this difference, you’ll choose the best option and find the appropriate way to implement one of them. If not, this post may be helpful. So, how to identify the leader in the “Scrum vs Kanban” opposition?

First, let’s define why these Agile project management methodologies are often put together in one row and often confused with each…

Ahoy! Let’s trouble the water! In this post, I’d like to outline the powerful Pirate Metrics and show the real value of this concept on the example of a popular dating application.

Applying Pirate Metrics to your business will help to determine where you should focus on optimizing a marketing funnel to make the most of your time. Who would ever say they have enough time?

What is AARRR and what do pirates have to do with it?

Pirate Metrics is a framework for online startups created by Dave McClure — the successful entrepreneur and co-founder of 500 Startups. According…

Knowing how to prioritize ideas and features efficiently is one of the biggest challenges in modern product management.

Even the most experienced product managers when planning their roadmaps may be worried about how to decide what to work on first. As an essential part of product strategy, prioritization is worth to be permanently studied and improved. In my recent post, I just shared some insights on how to manage product strategy, so now it’s time to elaborate on prioritization that helps to solve a lot of issues.

Why is prioritization a challenge for product managers? Here’re some reasons:

  • We often…

What will you do in product management if you can not deal with strategic planning? How will you succeed if you are not able to prioritize correctly?

No kidding — a clear strategy and powerful prioritization really matter in product management. Any ambitious product manager should strive to develop skills and abilities that will help him/her to build a great strategy like famous far-sighted commanders.

These thoughts pushed our team to compile the best ideas for creating the Ultimate Guide to Product Strategy Planning and Prioritizing.

In this guide, we share the insights for product and project managers and everyone…

Позавчера (в пятницу) поздно ночью меня попросили перелогиниться в приложении Facebook и Messanger. Впервые в жизни — “что-то случилось” — подумал я, доедая последний ролл.

Хакеры воспользовались багом, который по словам Facebook существовал аж с 2017 года.16 сентября Facebook обнаружил подозрительную активность, и 25 сентября они обнаружили атаку. Сейчас дело передали в ФБР.

К счастью всю миллиардную базу Facebook никто не получил. Сломали предположительно 90 млн пользователей по всему миру. Причем как сломали — получили их access tokens, которые позволяют через API делать многие вещи — публиковать посты от лица пользователя и так далее. Непонятно, какие пермишены были у этих…

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CEO & Founder of Hygger.io - a project management tool with built-in prioritization.

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