Dear Myself: Interact with Purpose

So, out of a spontaneous thought that occured to me at a time that can only be described as ‘crazy late’, I am going to start writing a blog.

And, as this is my first entry, I should probably introduce myself. Hi! My name is Adam, but on this page I will exist under a pseudonym titled ‘ZeHumanParachute’. The pseudonym comes from how I look at life these days.
If somebody’s falling from grace, then I can always be there to help. I might not work as well as you thought I might but, tough shit, we’re both plummetting to our deaths. Aaaaand that’s where the analogy kinda falls apart.

Anyways, I am a 16 year old, pale white, skinny, beak-nosed male who believes that, while nothing can be fixed with doing nothing, it’s sure as hell easier than doing shit.

The end of that last sentence is a lie. I wish to be able to do things with confidence, with a sense of ability and worth. However, I am a gaming procrastinator with anxiety. Great mix, I know. Hopefully, with these blog posts, I’ll be able to somehow inspire myself to be better than the awkward stereotypical teen I am.

Though, I’m probably reading this right now going “Yeah, no, nice try”.

It’d be worth that try, though. If I finally get to do things I feel have meaning, and to interact with the world around me with a sense of purpose in my mind, then I might just be happy with my current state.

In the meantime, though, I think I’ll stick to hopeful wishing. It feels better.

Your friendly neighborhood parachute.