You’ve been bamboozled!

Now trust me.

PigMeUp isn’t real. I know — I’m bummed too, but how else was I going to get you here? Trust me, I have another idea that’s better. It isn’t an Uber clone, or an artificially intelligent bot, it’s not an AR/VR/Mixed Reality thing, or another selfie engine. Does that make it less “fun” or “sexy”? What if I were topless, laying on a bear skin rug with a glass of merlot and I’m being really careful because I know it’s an expensive, albeit distasteful, rug that really brings the room together—I’m off topic. What I’m trying to say is I’m looking for investors who don’t care that I’m not “hip.” Watch the video below and read on.

Human Planet has the potential to profoundly change how businesses interact with their customers and how we, the customers, interact with the world around us. I envisioned one app (Identity) that helps businesses anticipate our needs, enables cars to drive us home when tequila happens, keeps track of the services we’ve signed up for, and notifies those services when our address or billing info has changed. One app and our lives are immediately more pleasant. Because, unlike other products, Identity is focused on serving you, not serving you on a platter.

But why did you create PigMeUp? You said in a high-pitched bitchy voice in my head.

I created PigMeUp because really dumb, short-sighted apps get all of the attention and, as a result, they get all of the money. My “boring” idea wanted a chance at that same attention, so I She’s All That’d on you; I turned my idea into a different, more attractive idea to get your attention. And hey it worked.

The bottom line: We’re looking for investors to pick us up 😉🐷. If you’re an investor, or know an investor, who’s interested in this type of thing, email me. (angels at

-Kyle Kirchhoff