Self-isolation is not only a time to work remotely but also a perfect (emergency) opportunity for close contact with the family and especially with children. Most youngsters study online, both teachers and scholars got used to it. Even some kindergartens send tasks for Pre-K. But children who stay at home still need an enormous amount of attention. If you’ve already run out of ideas for your shared pastime, we collected some tips for games using handy materials.

But first, let’s make one thing clear — all children are different! If one likes to sit and paint for hours, then another…

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So you’ve already mopped and scrubbed all the floors, cleaned all surfaces, handles, and hard-to-access objects around the house, not to mention an epic cat wash which was totally worth it but painful. Now it’s time to clean up some space on your personal device to make it faster, stable, or just get rid of an ancient file clutter.

You tried all system options to free up some space but it helped just for a while or had no effect at all? We have all major platforms below, freeware and paid solutions to choose from.

But first a couple of…

Self-isolation has transformed our homes into offices, cinemas, gyms, and even nightclubs. As we are stuck in our living spaces 24/7, cleaning work can add up to your daily routine, somewhere between working and cooking. So how do we get through it with minimum time and effort? Here are seven tricks by cleaning pros to make your housework fast, efficient and fun.

Trick 1: Set the limits

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The reality of this spring is sad but simple — home sitting for more than half of Earth’s population. The reality of this spring is sad but simple — home sitting for more than half of Earth’s population. Self-education in self-isolation turns into over-nutrition and couch potato way of life. Time to change it radically and start doing regular exercises. Yes, it’s not your habit so far (otherwise you would not read it all), but extreme days need drastic measures to keep fit and fight a Groundhog Day state of things.

Our editors tested a number of fitness apps to…

The pandemic times are disastrous. Many are sick in US and outside, thousands are dying, emergency services, hospitals, and personnel are overwhelmed. Businesses closing, those affected lose hope and struggle to live normal lives, supplies running out, people are scared.

But you can help. You can help even if you are not a superhero in a white coat or a wealthy home sitter with a garage packed with provisions. You can share your time, attention and a bit of supplies or money to make your country’s life easier during extreme days of the novel coronavirus disease outbreak. …

During pandemic leave, day-long coffee breaks or just an unexpected homestay you should not just worry about your health metrics but also the security of your personal data. When you are secured, your employer’s network is also less susceptible to cyber threats of any kind. Here are some tips to keep in mind while using non-corporate networks:

Connect Only To Secured Wi-Fi Networks

Don’t rush it. Take your time picking the correct network in the list of available network. It’s a easy to bump into so called Wi-Phishing when bad guys try to trick you into logging into the wrong network with a similar name to…

We have already figured out the importance of staying online even under a strict quarantine or in other extreme conditions. But how can one see their colleagues and relatives more often? Facetime or WhatsApp are simple but inconvenient for a company of three and more. Task managers and work-out apps are great and all, but eye-contact and routine seeing other human beings seem to be essential to stay sane. Today we are talking about apps and software to communicate.


Zoom is the modern enterprise video communications tool with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat…

The infamous COVID-19 or simply the 2019 strain of coronavirus is an acknowledged pandemic, so everyone should take it very seriously regardless they work from home or leave premises regularly. If you can’t stay home, feeling just fine and have no alarming symptoms like a higher-than-normal temperature or a continuous cough, you need to make sure it stays this way for you and the people you make contact with.

Wash Your Hands And Face Often. Like Really Often

Every time you go outside or touch objects that don’t belong to you, your routine is straight — wash it right away and keep your hands out of your face or…

A very large number of companies across the globe have already moved their staff to a home office. How can you stay productive while working from a cosy but a deserted home in the time of COVID-19 outbreak?

1. Separate work and home place.

Define a place where you work where you ‘live’. In the workplace, organize an easy and comfortable access to all necessary resources: light, stationery, PC, headphones, chargers, etc. Keep the table clean and in good condition.

2. Start your workday by changing clothes.

Strive to not work in house clothes. These clothes are relaxing. You don’t need to feel relaxed, you need to stay as much formal as possible.

3. Write down a schedule for the day.

Running a restaurant is one thing, but it comes after another thing which is the essential part of the business — you need to hire a team to assist you or even run a venue instead of you. The exact numbers are vague as many aspects depend on the eatery type, its size and location, but the minimum task force needs to be determined.

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Self-service restaurants have lower demand in workforce because they don’t cook to order, plates are rarely served, and the choice of dishes is limited. Thus, you can easily get rid of narrow-focused staff to save huge…

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