Front door Open —

‘What the hell was that the alarm?’ I wake up. I’m pretty sure I heard the alarm saying the front door was open. I rush out of bed cause the only way it would say that is if one of the kids open the door from the inside or if someone from the outside opened the door. Only my wife and I know the code so that couldnt happen. I head into the bathroom towards to the closet for my gun. ‘Shit’ I dont have a gun. Wife got rid of it 4 years ago.

I get struck from behind, he bear hugs me. I try to drop down and push back into my book shelves. I break free start yelling for my wife, hopefully she wakes up and calls the police. Fuck shes a heavy sleeper. This dude comes at me again. He doesnt throw any puches just wants to grab me and hold me down, if he had a gun I’m sure he would have used it by now. I managed to grab one of my daughters toys and toss it on my wifes face. I notice she wakes up. I have a nightstick in the kitchen pantry. Just need to break free by head butting him with the back of my head butt, shit I think it hurt me more than him. I run downstairs run into the pantry. Damn pantry light is broken turn on the kitchen light, ‘OH SHIT!’

The kitchen has 3 guys all in black looking at me. “What the fuck is this?” I tell them. I’m only in my boxers, so they look at me smirk and they look at each other. I know there is no way out of whatever is thats going on. I look over to the boys bedroom, looks like they are still sleeping, not sure if I should worry about them.

“Grab him” says one to the other. “BRING HER DOWN” yelling upstairs.

Son of bitch is bringing my wife down the stairs into the kitchen. As they come into the light I notice that guy was way too big for me to be able to take him down. Even if I would have gotten my night stick I would have been no match against that big bitch.

What is it you guys want? I have no money in house, you guys are making a mistake thinking you gonna rob much from me.” I wish I had some clothes on.

“We are not here for you Mr. Gonzalez. We here for the girl.”

My daughter? Why the hell would they want her. Wait, my wife? “You dont leave here with my family asshole.”

“You are in no position to make demands, youhave no fucking idea do you? You live here playing house with your cute family not knowing who she really is. Well tell you what, to save you the heart ache I will just kill you-”

“No stop” yells out my wife. “Don’t kill him, it has to look like an accident”

I look at the wife. “What,What is going on?” Her eyes are watery like she knows whats going on. Like she knows who these guys are. “What the hell is going on!?”

Blackout! I felt it in the back of the head. Made the head butt feel like a tickle, all everything starts going black. I’m worried now, my children, my wife, help.

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