Thoughts on Self-Publishing
Bryan Vale

I’m looking forward to your book!

Emotional resonance with regards to creative work is very difficult to reach, partly because it’s so contextual. At a dinner, a dish can be great, but it’s infused with the experience of whom and where the tasting experience is taking place.

Literary “hooks” can be a ploy, but the concept of glitches and imperfection is very earnest and relevant. Great artworks in the past were painted in oils, but the oils eventually cracked, gradually fading them. During most of the 20th century, photography, film, and music were analog. Glitches were fading chemical colors, scratches on filmstrips and LPs. When analog radios had poor reception, the result was static, when analog television had poor reception, it was snow.

The transition to digital narrowed the ranges of “best signal”, “glitchy signal”, and “black screen”. Anyway…if I go on much further, it will sound like a “Black Mirror” episode.

The main thing is that by going out there and pursuing your passion, you’ve gone very far towards it and closer to it than it may appear.

Time is on your side.