Postcapitalism and the city
Paul Mason

Barcelona is the place were human interaction is rooted in its DNA. There is no city where you can connect with any person about whatever subject at any time . The value of the slow communication and the rockbottom tradition of the conversation makes this place (and the rest of Catalunya ) the strongest launching pad for a new renaissance of humanity. The slowness was a cause of the “retraso” in innovation of Barcelona, it is now the lucky situation that they preserved the secret of person to person connection, the secret of a good life which is basically “having a perfect day”. The “burn out” cities in the northern part of Europe cannot imagine a world of good life , their inner selves are worn out by efficiency and maximal utilitarianism. The — formerly known as — soul is till alive in Barcelona, so I feel so happy with the appeal Mason does to the community of Barcelona: they can receive this appeal. It has to start in the best possible place, let´s do it in Barcelona. So we will sing “If you are going to Barcelona…..”. Come here to dream the new society. We of Socratic design are fighting to beat the Silicon valley doctrine with a human philosophy, possible with the socratic design approach. Thanks for this wonderful perspective Paul.