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Reboots: Open Dialogue Between Worlds

Anyone who probably have turned on social media have heard plenty of news about the reboots Thundercats Go, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, She-Ra, and Teen Titans. There’s also the movie Rub & Tug that would’ve given LGBT leads a chance with an LGBT protagonist despite actress reservations. History of other Franchises can also attest fables. They’re not really loved, I’m neutral in all this, but they aren’t really valued either. When I first found out about some of the reboots I got excited. I like seeing how characters get adapted. I ignored the hostility people had about the shows until I saw the trailers drop.

One part of me spit-took at the TV screen. When they said the reboots looked a little awful I didn’t know it was REALLY awful. Charmed and Buffy don’t have their stuff out yet as of this blog but Titans photo leaks have migrated the internet. The rest of me hurried to clean my laptop. I just shared a Coca-Cola with my knock-off Macbook. It wasn’t happy. I was panicking over my computer. Funny scenes aside.

Why do fans get mad at reboots? When a reboot is done well with respect to the characters and treated like an actual product than it shows. When a reboot is done poorly and the creator does not show any real knowledge about the show besides saying only certain demographics will like it because it’s not for you the fandom. You can run risk of losing viewership, business and credibility because in the reality of the internet no one is exactly who they say they are.

It’s an internet safety thing. Not telling people where you live and what your age is, is synonymous to avoiding the sexual predators out there who if you didn’t care about them, they really care about you. On the other side of the coin telling a little bit about yourself is how you make friends so caution is my go-to. The other thing these cartoons become is avatars for these people and a wide co-ed audience. It’s also a special anonymity which can embolden people to show sides of themselves that they don’t normally show to other people.

Fans of the original series had been lumped by journalists according to whatever movement they hated, be it SJW or bigoted bible-thumping patriarchy. News sites that have done this have been I09, The Mary Sue, and Bleeding Cool all on lumping everyone into a certain gender or race that’s not intersectionally marginalized or based on what you allegedly show. On Twitter, I’m not quoting tweets here, summed up discussion was whoever jumped first seals the image that a hashtag usually has and then the next person hops on the bandwagon and the image changes. The staff for the media and the fans of the media are not immune to this sneeze-first question later phenomenon. It’s like playing Telephone. How you redirect and control the flow depends a lot on how you respond to it.

Talking about these shows is normal especially in franchises that get reboot a lot. I’m from the Brony fandom. I also watched a lot of transformers. Earlier versions are like buttered toast on grilled cheese. It’s swell. What isn’t normal is the Social Identity Dividends. People do get very attached to heroes that “look” like them that they hang their Who-I-Am on them or project themselves and make design rearrangements. Yet look to fanfic writers to “stay true” to the source material. I’ve read a lot of fanfics too. What sticks out to me is how underestimated a fandom is, how diverse a fandom is. Especially when you find yourself standing in the middle of a room wondering I wish there was someone diverse like me out there yet go scrounging around for something that looks the same. Older generations get to teach this lesson to their youngers.

“It’s not the cartoon you shape to be like you but the cartoon that dares you to be a better you.”

She-Ra and the Thundercats are both Hero’s journeys. In my research, the one thing they have in common is a widespread co-ed audience across the globe. This already checks off the diversity, the being liked by more than one gender, and also having a lasting impact on children who grow into adults. What they also have in common was the reboot backlash. She-ra looks a lot like the boyish creative lead in her reboot, and when she told the audience you have to know how to draw first before you talk to me about anything, she opened a can of worms. Everyone redesigned boyish She-Re. If you photoshopped away the long hair, she looks like Prince Adam in a Dress or a male Transgender who failed to go from He to She. However, everyone is used to She-ra having Boobs. One had added a new accoutrement and the new iteration is Xe-Ra. One tweeter joked that maybe it’s because Men can’t partner the show with some lotion and Kleenex. Again how people respond changes the flow of the Hashtag. Rule 34 has kissed this Twitter user and somewhere out there Xe-Ra is flirting with someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Thundercats Go has been reviewed by Butch Hartman who approved of the animation quality. It has been passed the desk of many fans. Some forums are chill about the design. Many fans are not chill. It’s particularly due to the Teen Titans Go treatment the Thundercats have had. The artist in charge has also said he wants to make fun of Thundercats while also derping out on not giving a bear bones deal to what the story is. He had recently deleted a tweet on ruined childhood particularly ruining other people’s childhoods. He did good explaining his animation process. However, the Cal Arts style character designs combined with a Ren and Stimpy style movement has made for people who really hate the show. I’m looking for it to be meme’d. It reminds me of 1960’s Spiderman but it’s not jiving. Most of the fans getting snubbed by some staff also didn’t help people give the show a chance. Good news is the 2012 reboots are getting more attention and the original is now on Amazon Prime. They’re banking that viewers turn to them for quality entertainment.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is getting a black woman to play Buffy. People are laughing their butts off. It’s not because the Social Identity Dividend is getting pushed into everything just like they wanted. It’s because the Social Identity Dividend is getting pushed into everything just like they wanted. Does that make sense? No? Yes? Well people are usually fine with change until it’s their loved things that get rearranged to fit the Identity Politics agenda. Charmed is also getting an all Hispanic cast. However the group think that comes from this is also the same group think that has laughed at other people who’ve had beloved characters they grew up with treated like garbage. Journalism is also getting onesided by only telling their side of the story and ostracizing the people who might have a really good point.

The next thing that happens that alienates pros from their customers is looking for a scapegoat or a strawman. The term “Toxic Fandom” has been thrown around a lot. So has the racist card and the hypocrite card. Grant it, people are crazy. There is no evidence that concludes actors and actresses get a lot of guff when something doesn’t turn out right in a reboot. However there is also much inconclusive evidence that people get bullied out of platforms and off social media. There is however lots of psychological evidence that when people don’t find an outlet for their frustrations they make one instead. Due to the bandwagon effect people who agree with something someone has vented out join in and the same gets true about the other side of the argument. Yet I will attest it is up to the individual how this gets handled. Anna Diope in one Instagram post has said, “What you say to others is a reflection of how you handle yourself.”

I’m paraphrasing all the other parts of her Instagram post. The hashtag #NotMyStarfire has been an adopted term about the character’s design, not the actress at all. However one person warned another person that the hashtag got started by a racist white group of people and suddenly everyone was swinging opinions. People are not exactly who they say they are on the internet, again internet safety, but searching the Hashtag on Twitter had proven to me that #NotMyStarfire had actually a multi-ethnic audience one side convinced that the other side is racist. The other side is convinced that they’ve seen cosplayers pull off the Teen Titans look better than the actual big budget franchise. To me, these guys are trying to emulate the CW show Smallville and failing miserably. Maybe the pilot will be good or maybe people will look for something better. I feel bad for Anna Diopes because that costume is drowning out her beautiful face. The Titans TV show is getting marred in identity politics because some people are hooked onto the bandwagon effect. The fans actually have legit concerns for the series because they’ve known about them for awhile and merit is not going to pull a miracle. They just made Teen Titans Go suddenly look much more appealing to young and old fans alike thanks to a team member dropping the ball for a franchise.

A couple other movies that have bombed due to trying to assume people were someone they’re not has been 2016 Ghostbusters and Rub and Tug. Rub and Tug was a mafia movie about a transvestite who was a mafioso and ran shady schemes in a massage parlor. What makes this movie kind of historical and hysteria orientating was the female lead was going to be played by Scarlet Johansen. It was going to be Victor Victoria. I read articles from the left and from the right. Some people were going to give this movie a chance. Now here comes the part that has the anti-SJW laughing so hard.

An activist group called GLAAD had pressured Scarlet Johansen, a devout leftist, to give up the role because she was the wrong gender and did not look the part for a Trans Mafioso. Much of the LGBT community are advocating for Gender equality among all their genders. Subconciously they’ve been pushing for all the rebooted cartoons to avoid having any gender norms such as breasts or booties. So the most famous reboot of all Captain Marvel either looks like Justin Beiber with boobs or Scarlet Johansen without a butt. This has been what these advocates and the SJW’s have been slowly pushing for as their idealized human form. A person that has no identity but also doesn’t have anything than makes them stand out besides forgetting how to be a human being. What makes this worse is that a Transgender actor or actress can also now get denied roles if they aren’t the right gender for the role or have to resort to humiliating themselves in order to get the part. Something that has come up in several sexual harassment scandals if I remember my research right. These moves can backfire and will backfire because we live by example not by trigger warning.

2016 Ghostbusters has enough merits that it can stand on its own without the original Ghostbusters. However, I’m talking about the book it was based on, not the movie. The movie, as funny as it is, can’t stand on its own worth a hill of beans. Several fans had been called mysognist for saying so. I saw the movie. I own my kindle version of the book. It needed the flashback scenes that showed why the two female leads were interested in ghosts to stand apart from the movie and it would have also made the university professor who lost her tenure more sympathetic. Heck the old Ghostbusters mentoring new Ghostbusters has been proven and a better sequel could be made off the animated series instead of the 2k16 Ghostbusters as of right now. Still I recommend the Ghostbusters Manga to any fan because it has an overarching tale with different comic book styles. That’s my favorite Ghostbusters product. 2016 Ghostbusters sales dropped dramatically because the movie had been same old movie with female empowerment stand-ins. The only guy who stood out to me was actually the secretary but he was also not liked for being an emasculation. I found him funny because I’ve known guys don’t act like that but only because he reminded me of Dory off of Finding Nemo. Enough about that, onto more research blog.

The biggest about heel turn I research the most is in books and comics. It’s not noted in the movies but the negative consequences of Identity Politics have had huge repercussions on multiple people. This is where I’ve found evidence of documented harassment and people who wouldn’t let the past go. There’s this negative aspect to it where some pros have looked at a reboot and decided if I can’t work hard to be like you then I’ll deconstruct you to be like me. The dangerous part is when it is not aimed at TV or cartoons but aimed at people. Anna Diope said it herself, that what you say and do reflects on you when it comes to the opinionated parts. However Bret Weinstein in his own discussions has also attested that to seek enlightenment is let the other side speak.

In ComicsGate right now a pro, Kwanzer, had decided to warn people against a white hate group called ComicsGate. He got the shock of his life when he found out the community as usual is more diverse than what assumptions let on. Jim Jefferies, a famous comedian had asked Heather Antos for an interview. She turned it down. Diversity & Comics was asked for an interview and he said sure.

He got to eat a bad Torta on the way to California.

He got lost while looking for San Diego Comic Con and tweeted on the job.

He got a terrible haircut from a guy at EZ Cuts who gave him a close enough shave it had road rash.

They set through an interview with Jim Jefferies.

The cosplayers Jimmy interviewed were asked question like “Do you like Diversity in Comics. He hates Diversity in comics.”

And like the trained live by examples we humans can be they answered, “Sure we love Diversity whoever doesn’t is a garbage person.”

The interview was edited to make Diversity and Comics look bad. It became ComicsGate’s newest meme because let’s face it. D&C is rambly, roasts comics, and is nice to people. He even apologized to some of the people he roasted because they’ve let their hatred of him shape their human side for nearly an entire year. When did a Miltary IT guy in a haircut reminiscent of Carol Danvers become the boogie man?

In conclusion Count Dankula questioned Jim Jeffrey’s sanity. Heather Antos got mad because we all knew what happens next. Diversity and Comics got 2,000 more subscribers just by being himself and let’s face it the Barbara Streisand effect is strong with this guy.

The bigger question to all this is what are people looking for in a franchise? Some of the people who were dismissed as toxic for not liking reboots had some really good points. Even if you get exactly what you want, it still won’t be enough because it lacks something. Some people will keep complaining but never buy in and never be happy. Others get into big debates on Twitter and other platforms. The speech and debate is normal. The Social Identity Dividends that are being the bubble wrap separating fans from getting to be their normal selves is not normal. It just invites us to make actions that eventually swing around and damage something we love mostly family, colleagues, friends, and the love of a franchise that parents want to pass onto their children.

Minus the bologna.