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By Catherine Jones, Co-founder and CEO of Werbie

I’m a strong believer in looking at the silver lining not the dark cloud. Our healthcare system is in a state of crisis. But, as a female entrepreneur working on solutions for women with diabetes, I see this crisis as a window of opportunity to highlight women’s health issues and women in technology.

I’m sure everyone knows at least one woman with diabetes: your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, spouse, or co-worker. The problem is epidemic. It affects about 13 million women, one in ten women over the age of twenty in the United States, and millions more worldwide. …

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11 Innovative Digital Health, Cyber and Consumer Startups

By Harry Alford

We are pleased to announce 11 startups for the inaugural class for humble impact. humble impact is a nonprofit that serves as the platform for sustainable and scalable businesses by cultivating an authentic atmosphere for discovery, growth, and innovation. We know that the best way to realize opportunity is through cooperation.

Our inaugural class is split into two groups:

Start Humble: Start Humble is focused on responsibly maneuvering to product/market fit through identifying risks, early adopters, sales & investment strategies. One-week in-resident ‘stabilization’ and 11-week virtual facilitation starts by examining the business model, traction model, use of…

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Photo by Siddharth Kothari

By Adam Michel, Cofounder of Permit Zone

Everyone wants to live in safe and beautiful communities. We want to make our home our sanctuary, with that perfect lattice fence and back deck leading into a garden lush with fresh vegetables. Next to the garden is a salt-water pool, just big enough for the children to play in through those hot summers. This is rarely the state we purchase a home in; it takes years to craft the perfect home and get everything just how we want it. This is also where the painful part begins.

Permitting is a requirement for…

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every journey needs its travelers. every ship needs its crew.

Greetings, friends! If you don’t know me, I’m Ajit Verghese, co-founder, and Partner at humble ventures. We’re celebrating our first birthday this month, and wanted to catch everyone up on where we’ve been and where we’re headed next.

How we got started:

Our genesis story starts like any other — at the end of a different chapter. Three years ago, I put my last startup to bed — which is a long, painful narrative for another day. …

humble ventures

humble is a venture development firm that drives innovation forward in partnership with startups, established enterprises, and investors.

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