Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Rallying To Save Last Man Standing
Joshunda Sanders

I watched it because it was funny and not stressful. Tim Allen’s character often comes across as conservative, but just look at the characters he is around, the situations that occur. They are not always conservative. One of his daughters is married to a wild eye liberal from Canada. The funny back and forth reminds me of Meathead and Archie from All in the Family! There are a lot of liberal issues discussed on the show, through humor. It has little politics, and usually focuses on a guy living in a house with all women and the trials and tribulations that go on with that. It is just a nice safe funny show. The only ABC show I watched. I think the reason ABC cancelled it is because they don’t like reliable safe entertaining TV shows. They want to advance the grand cause of liberalism, they want to indoctrinate viewers in the Great Liberal Cause. A straight white man married to a straight white woman is just too horrible and disgusting for ABC, and it does not advance their ultra liberal agenda.

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