Don’t Build Boring.

Blake Haney
Dec 28, 2016 · 3 min read

I posted a question and observation on Facebook the other day after I passed what seemed like yet another large, dark box added to the New Orleans landscape. Buildings designed to manage costs and pragmatically handle a few of the needs of future condo owners and first floor retail and restaurants tenants.

I am of course all for taking empty lots and building new spaces for people to live and businesses to open in our New Orleans neighborhoods. This city, one that prides itself on its city blocks being anything but boring, deserves capital investments for the future that add more than just square footage. New buildings should have … character.

Within this post to Facebook friends who are more knowledgable than I about the local Architecture scene suggested talented firms and individuals I should look up.

I took some time to look through portfolios and wanted to share a few images of buildings that I believe do make the most of the opportunity when designing and buildings something new.

As someone who spent 15 years as a contractor working with clients I know all too well that the budget, timeline and opinions of the client can often lead to less than original work. Maybe that is why I now spend 95% of my time on my own brands now.

Bockman Forbes — good example of what is old is new again.

Bockman Forbes work on The Franklin.
Updating and respecting a Mid-Century Modern home for a new family in Lakeview.

Albert Architecture — Their 620 Opelousas Apartments project seems to be a great use of space. Give residence a canvas to create and make their own.

“620 Opelousas Avenue apartment project is the adaptive re-use of a 15,000 SF former Masonic Temple“

Studio WTA

Great use of materials and light.

Tom Holloman — My wife and I had the opportunity to work with Tom on the design of our old kitchen. Can’t find a killer image of it. It was awesome.

Hand made center counter island. Shelves with skateboard deck tiles. It was lovely.
Metry gets classy.

Lee Ledbetter — Strong work on every front. Clients with budgets.

Not your maw maw and paw paw’s country house.
I want a cocktail and good book.

Eskew Dumez Ripple — Love the result of the WWL Studios redesign.

CCWIV — Has done some great work in neighborhoods that are begging for new investment and putting buildings to use.

Byron Mouton with BILD architects has been recommended over the years. A solid track record and vision.

Metro Studio — Some great work in residential. Man. I need a pool.

If you have any suggestions for Architects in New Orleans to add to this list please share them at the Facebook post that started me down this path.


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