Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Now that I’m tracking my expenses this month, this will hopefully be easier to check back in on on Monday…

Tonight: I need to go buy a few notebooks for the upcoming semester, and will probably get myself some more pens/refills/misc office supplies ($10). (I’m starting my MLIS degree! I’m so scared, everyone, but also excited.) I will also probably get a few groceries ($15) and snacks for the Call of Cthulhu game I’m playing in tonight ($10).

Saturday: This day *might* be super expensive. Morning will probably involve eating at the bakery ($8), and maybe doing the upcoming week’s grocery shopping ($80). In the afternoon, though, I’m going suit shopping with a friend for his upcoming wedding. I’m his best man, and I *also* need a suit (the only one I have is from H&M and is getting pretty pilly). So that could easily be $200 or so if I find something I like. Or more. (And I’ll probably get it tailored, which means even more cash.) *gulp* The evening should be low key, though, either working on school or my personal projects, or getting in some gaming ($0).

Sunday: Writing group in the morning ($5 for coffee), then onto a Fate Core game, assuming we figure out a location to host. Assuming we don’t end up paying for the location, it should be $0. Sometime on Sunday I’ll do the grocery shopping if I haven’t already, and then settle in to prep for the week, most likely.

Total: $128 without the suit, $328+ with. We’ll see!