We’re typically fans of open access to user research data inside an organization because we believe that sharing user research insights and customer knowledge is the best way to build products people love. However we understand that some data is sensitive and our customers have valid reasons to restrict access to certain research data in their team.

In addition, we’ve heard from users that colleagues they’ve invited to view their research sometimes accidentally make changes because it’s very easy to edit things in Dovetail. …

This Berlin-based startup wants to fundamentally change the way care is delivered, and user research with Dovetail plays a critical role.

Careship’s mission is to “fundamentally change the way care is delivered”, according to Anne Büttner, a User Experience Researcher at the Berlin-based startup. Anne says Careship know that user research is critical for them to become “the largest and most used platform for care booking in Europe.”

At Careship, user research is employed at every step of the product development process. In the discovery phase, researchers dig into their target group’s needs and pain points to identify product opportunities.

They continue with prototyping and testing to see which ideas solve their target group’s problems best, and for their finished product…

Full-text global search in July, new user onboarding and engineering health in August.

Global search

In July we released the first version of our new full-text global search. You can now search across projects, filter by note, tag, insight, or highlight, combine multiple tags together, download results as a CSV, and more.

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New user onboarding experience

This New York based consultancy helps early-stage startups build a great workplace by using Dovetail for user research analysis.

For the Win is a Brooklyn-based consulting firm for early-stage startups led by principal Benjamin Jackson. Benjamin and For the Win consult with fast growing startups to design lightweight processes that keep things moving without slowing people down. In Benjamin’s words, “we exist to make people feel awesome about going to work.”

User research is an important part of how Benjamin works with clients to identify and fix gaps in their people processes. With each client, he conducts dozens of interviews, organizes engagement surveys for employees, and observes people during their onboarding process at his client’s offices. …

The world’s largest provider of adventure travel experiences use Dovetail to store and analyze research data from a rapidly growing user experience team.

Intrepid Group’s mission is to “Change the Way People See the World”. Their range of B2C and B2B brands like Intrepid Travel, Adventure Tours Australia, and Peregrine cater for all ages, budgets and appetites for adventure.

Recently, they’ve been building up their user experience and research muscle. Gemma Sherwood, Intrepid Group’s UX Manager told us that the company is now focusing on “better understanding our customers so that we could provide them with the best travel experience possible.”

This focus is reflected in stats from their recent annual report. In one year alone, Gemma and her team collected and analyzed…

A brief overview of this popular NLP technique for user research, qualitative data analysis, and more.

Sentiment analysis (sometimes called “opinion mining” or “emotion AI”) is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique to categorize text depending on whether it expresses an opinion and whether the opinion is positive, negative, or neutral. Advanced sentiment analysis can also categorize text by emotional state like angry, happy, or sad. It is often used in customer experience, user research, and qualitative data analysis on everything from user feedback and reviews to social media posts.

Sentiment analysis can be combined with Machine Learning (ML) to further categorize text by topic. Together, sentiment analysis and machine learning provide researchers with a method…

Search all of your notes, tags, insights, and highlights. Refine your results with our powerful new query language.

I’m super excited to announce the release of full-text global search, available now in Dovetail. This is easily our most requested feature. Just check out some of this customer feedback we’ve received over the past 6 months!

What no search? OMG it’s a thorn in my side.

I see search is high on your “coming up” list in the public roadmap — just curious if you can give any sense of when that might launch?

Is there a way to search the entire database of notes, insights, etc. based on tags and keywords?”

I’ve really been wishing for a global…

Images and files in beta, a host of Zapier improvements, a navigation & design refresh, and lots of bug fixes.

We’ve been so busy over the past three months that I forgot to write our monthly product updates. Whoops! Here’s what’s new.

Images and files

Last month we released support for images and files in beta. This was a large piece of work involving lots of new infrastructure. Since releasing in beta, we’ve been monitoring usage and fixing things here and there. We’re aiming to pull images and files out of beta this month.

Here’s a quick overview of images and files:

  • Works with all file types. Upload any type of file — photos, screenshots, audio, videos, spreadsheets, documents, you name it.
  • Device-specific…

Drag and drop images, audio, video, and other file types into notes, tags, and insights in Dovetail.

We talk with a lot of researchers and product managers, and one of the frequent pain points we hear is that their raw research notes and files are stored in a different place to the analysis, insights, and outcomes.

As an example:

Notes live in Word or Evernote. Photos, recordings, and videos are in Dropbox or on someone’s computer. Analysis is on sticky notes, in spreadsheets, or in something like Reframer. The research is presented with Powerpoint / Keynote, and insights are stored for later reference on Confluence.

Dovetail’s mission is to help teams build better products and services through…

Our Zapier App is now a whole lot better with new triggers, actions, and a series of small improvements.

Zapier is a fantastic service for connecting apps together. With Zapier, you can create automated workflows between two or more of your favorite apps using triggers and actions to move data around.

Zapier have over 1,000 integrations with apps like Intercom, Jira, Slack, SurveyMonkey, Trello, Twitter, and many more. With Zapier and Dovetail, you can combine your customer feedback and user research in one place, making it easy to see patterns, discover insights, and decide what to do next.

This week we released an updated Dovetail Zapier App with five new triggers and two new actions, along with more configuration…

Benjamin Humphrey

Founder & CEO of Dovetail. Previously lead designer at Atlassian and Delicious.

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