Kapi Minced Pork Dip: The Recipes in my head…

I have a sudden craving for Kapi Minced Pork with fresh vegetables. I googled the recipes just now, read a post; now I am officially inspired. No, I will not google for more online instruction. I have a rough idea of how it should be made now, and I want to do it somewhat my way. Here’s what I think I have to do to make it right (quite):

(typed, deleted x several times)

Ok! I’ll call mom later.


Mom did not pick up my one and only call, so I dived into it. It tasted legit! huehuehue… Keang ranked it at first at 2.o upon 3.o. As his tongue got used to the taste of Kapi (my culturalisation plan works!), the dish scored 2.5! I’m happy.

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