The Liberation…

It is into the third day I have detached myself completely from the scrolling world of Facebook, and I feel strong, contented and productive. Perhaps I have deprived myself from the flood of up-to-date information posted by some of the curator friends of mine; I shall compensate that by reading newspapers and magazines. Talking about magazine, I miss DCM…

Liberation… something a student from SC is seeking and most likely to attain. At a cost of talent drain to the team. Keang pointed out key crux of the matter:

Team unity — the ‘let’s do the shit job together’ mentality. Platforms for that level of meaningful relationships to flourish must be intentionally established.

Besides this, I’m thinking of ‘what does SC really stand for? Why SC? And for that, what must we do? What are we willing to compromise? How to make SC a cup of sweet tea rather than the shackle?”

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