I can’t say that traveling as ever been a passion of mine.

But since I started the industry newsletter ‘Recruiting Brainfood’ last year, my thinking about location and place has begun to change. Audience analysis has shown me the amazing geographical distribution of the growing subscriber base….

Map of the brainfooder community

…San Francisco, Chicago, Stockholm, Melbourne, Mumbai, Prague, Krakow.

There are readers from all over the world, many from places that I’ve never been to and really need to know more about. Seeing this global reach visually displayed in this way inspired me to make time and visit. …

So this may be a test post to see the whether it is worthwhile for me to spend a day or two writing an annual review for Recruiting Brainfood.

I guess I should insert a cover image of some sort

this is a test post

We know we have a Problem with Job Titles.

In our previous blog post of this series, we looked at users on our platform who self-identified as ‘Software Engineers’ and compared how they interpreted their jobs based on the key question we ask on our matching service — how do you want to spend your time? We learnt that for our users the same job titles often had very different meanings in terms of actual job content.

Today’s blog post is the natural sequel to that post. We’re calling it: The Problem with Job Titles: Part 2. How do employers…

One of the challenges of making a really simple product is finding out a suitable way to describe it. For all the elevator pitches and slide decks around, we’ve found that nothing explains what we do better than seeing the product at work itself.

We’ve made a 60 second video of a typical user workflow — a developer signing in with Github, making their Workshape, getting matches and starting the conversation with employers. Take a look and let us know how we did!

Hope you enjoyed the video — we had a blast making it. If you have any…

The hidden costs in recruitment is just how long everything takes. This is true even at the beginning of the process where the drafting of job descriptions seems hard work that we don’t often get right. The task is to create artefacts which transport job information from the owner of the vacancy (CTO, Hiring Manager) to the person who will be operationally recruiting for it (Internal Recruiter) and in turn to the prospective candidates who wish to be given insight so that they can evaluate the role.

Its a process that might look like this

1. CTO / Hiring manager to Internal recruiter: ‘I want to hire Engineers!’

DigitalOcean — a cloud hosting service its founders say was built for developers in mind.


DigitalOcean is a SSD-powered cloud hosting platform. It is an incredibly user friendly service that takes Developer Experience to a whole new level when building and deploying web servers.

The young hosting service prides itself on its simplicity, claiming users can create SSD servers, or ‘droplets’, in 55 seconds as well as its pricing, which starts at $5 a month.

While behind market leader Amazon Web Services, its rise has been meteoric since it launched in 2011, with Netcraft now considering DigitalOcean the third-largest web-hosting…

The artefacts traditionally used to describe work — CV’s/Resumes, job descriptions and job adverts — are text based documents which need to be read and interpreted before they can be understood.

It’s hard work that we often get wrong.

In this blog post, we are going to examine a common aspect of these documents — the Job Title. We all have them, but what do they mean exactly? More importantly, how much shared understanding do we have over the same words?

But before we dive in, a quick overview on what Workshape is.

1. How do you want to spend your time?

We think the answer to this question…

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to our new UI.

It’s always nerve racking stepping out with a new look, but as soon as we saw the initial designs, we just knew we had to ship. We’re confident you’re going to love the changes we’ve made to Workshape.io . In this post, I want to explain what those changes are and what our thinking is behind them. Both users and employers will see a new interface, new features and other improvements to the service. …

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the Workshape.io blog!

We’re going to be using this channel for the usual stuff like company news, product announcements and mea culpas for the fumbles that we’re inevitably going to make along the way.

This is also the place where we are going to give our view on the state of tech recruitment industry and what the hell we all need to be doing about it. Most importantly, we’re going to be using this blog to share with you what we’re learning about the shape of technology work from the users who are already on Workshape.io.

A few weeks ago I was asked by a CEO friend of mine whether I knew anybody who might make a decent recruiter for an in-house position in his Startup.

I said I didn’t, but I’d take a look because if they are any good they’ll have a digital footprint like BigFoot with an Iphone and they wouldn’t be hard to find at all. It turned out even easier than I thought it because in era of social collaboration, the crowd does the sourcing for you. …

Hung Lee

Curator, Recruiting Brainfood (http://www.recruitingbrainfood.com/)

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