Tough times don’t last, tough people do


On the trip to Quang Binh at 3h30 Am o’clock

I was standing in the aisle of the train, talking to a stranger about our business — looking around with those sleepy eyes and keeping asking each other the same questions — “So what’s your plan? Tough times? a bit? a ton? Wanna go back to something ordinary? WE said no.

Taking your ideas into reality sometimes is like putting your steps in a misty road, you will have no ideas where this road leads you to but you do have ideas that it will be a difficult road. As you overcome each obstacle this road brings your way, you develop and grow with each victory.

Just over two years ago when I started my first communication-english class (with a role as a career mentor for my students as well) I had no intention of turning it into a full time venture, nor did I realize that was even possible at the time.

But, it does, and here I am, being a founder and manager of an education center with the same model as my first class (can I call this is my true calling?). One and a half year with Impactus let me experience a lot of up and down. Seeing tough times in a leader role, dealing with tough people, handling scarce resources and executing tons of things that I have never worked before, inspired me to write some key notes for me

  1. Team challenges persist. So we must persist as well

When things not go well, both you and your business partners got some frustrations. But dont let this frustration control your mind, what you need to do is stay calm, find the root causes and seek for solutions together. Even I keep reminding me of this, sometimes I got some unintended frustrations. However, you should aware of this frustration. Dont let this negative energy lasts long as negativity distracts your from the core and forget the big storm awaits the whole team outside. What the team should do is discussing, not fighting to each other. Control your ego.

2. Information flow is what matters the most. Communicate smoothly and in a timely manner. Seek for the direction

A collection of talents doesnt mean a dream team. Normally, a business team is a assembling of people, and those people have a variety of backgrounds that can be difficult to bring together with an inefficient communication system. What you need to do is to enable you and your teammates have mutual understandings by sitting together to articulate issues, seek for solutions. Make sure you and your teammates see the right picture, right direction. When communication system flow is difficult in the storming days, opening the deadlock.

3. Mind your productivity and stay out of unnecessary stuffs

Leading a start-up means numerous things should be taken care of. Stakeholders are varied, ranging from people to things. But very clear of what stuffs you should attend and what you should not as the key to success is not hard working but smart working. If you spend too much time on working something that brings little benefit for yourself and corporation, so avoid it. Besides, you should also step back usually to see the big picture, evaluate your productivity, adjust for erros and clean things up

4. Stay tough and optimistic

Taking your ideas into reality is not always fancy as it seems. If you cant keep your head and your heart strong, you will fall down even before you reach any milestones. So always keeping yourself optimistic is important. Perhaps optimism is what’s gotten me this far in the first place. I always keep in mind that until I have resources (or still can manage to have resources), I will keep sailing this hardship through the sea. I have quit my full time job, forgoing the security of a stable income (which is very important to most of us) to pursue something of my own. So if not staying optimistic, i will fall down at the first place. In the life of an entrepreneur, Pessimism doesnt help.

Being with a start-up is like trudging through the cold winters armed with nothing but our backpack full of ideas and passions that will burst open come springtime — if we can make it there. If we choose to lay down in the snow and give up all passions, that backpack will remain forever sealed and it will be never shown to anyone about how beautiful it it

For the night when I was waken up as of the shaking train, the noise in the aisle and the compelling conversation with a stranger followed.

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