Technical Details in Rapid Prototyping

For conventional product prototype, rapid prototyping manufactures generally use ABS material, which is easy to prototype the prototype and is more beautiful after post-processing.

For prototypes that are resistant to high temperatures, the optional materials are: epoxy resin; bakelite; black PC; PA (nylon). Among the four kinds of materials, black PC are the only one that can be bonded. The other three needs to be overall processed.

POM or PA is optional for wear-resistant prototypes. The prototypes made by the two materials need overall processing as they cannot be bonded.
PMMA (acrylic), transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials are available for transparent product prototypes, which comes with high transparency after polished and is able to achieve the same effect as the real product.
The surface treatment are fuel injection, electroplating, scrub, silk screen, printing and other surface effects, the prototype fuel is divided into smooth, matte, sand, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color , Rubber and other effects.

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