Individual Idea Generation

The how might we statement I chose was based off of my research and exploration:

How might we narrow down and organize bathroom products for people with shared bathrooms?

New Warm-Up Game

I created a warm up game that was meant to get everyone to really be creative and produce multiple ideas in a short amount of time. I set my timer to five minutes, and I asked each team member to find as many hidden pictures on a map as they could. Each person was given a different map, and different color marker.


Jenna, a journalism major, came up with ten hidden pictures. She found a whale, a sock, a bird, a face, and more.


Claire, a history major, came up five hidden pictiures. She found a fish, a dinosaur, a hand, and more.


Lauren, a nursing major, came up with six hidden pictures. She picked out things such as a duck, a lacrosse stick, a foot, a bird, and more.


Julie, a psychology major, found seven hidden pictures. She saw things such as a cobra snake, an airplane, a bald eagle, and more.

Jenna: Jenna is a journalism major and she grew up in a small town named Canby in southern Minnesota. She grew up and went to school there, but her mom is from Victoria, MN, so she spends the summers here. Jenna has one younger brother.

Julie: Julie is a psychology major and she grew up in St. Michael, Minnesota. Julie is the youngest of six siblings ranging from 21 to 32 years old. Julie is very interested in music and science.

Claire: Claire is a history major and she grew up in Madison, Wisconson. Claire has two older sisters, and one just got married. Claire is extremely interested in politics and she loves getting involved on campus through republican clubs.

Lauren: Lauren is a nursing major and she grew up in Albertville, Minnesota. Lauren is an only child, and she is extremely interested in helping people. Lauren love grays anatomy, and the medical field is extremely interesting to her.

The brainstorming session began with the warm up activity that I created, and then we played zip zap zop, and word ball. After this, I showed my group members the ideas that i came up with prior to the session so that they could build off of them, or get inspiration. With that being said, we began our brainstorming.

Shortly after starting, I brought out a box of oreos as a “gift” for my team. I did this because, as I learned in class, this is great for stimulating more creativity and idea generation.

We spent 25 minutes on idea generation, and there were a total of 42 ideas introduced. This makes for an IPM of .42 ideas a minute. I did not include myself in this, because I was running back and fourth to hang ideas on the board, not contributing very much in the actual idea generation.

Sorting and Voting

The girls silent sorting

After a few minutes of silent sorting, the members went through voting by taking an orange marker and labeling the cards with three of each symbol:

After the group members voted, we went back through the notecards and organized them a little better so that the categories made more sense. After getting the ideas into distinct groups, we talked about what the best title would be for each category.

Top Ideas

Facial Recognition Mirror credit: Julie and Lauren combination.

Wednesday: Begin brainstorming my 30 ideas, and pick a group of people for my brainstorming session.
Thursday: Continue brainstorming.
Friday: Choose a time for brainstorming session and ask participents to think of ideas beforehand.
Saturday: Produce a finalized list of my ideas and photograph
Sunday: Conduct brainstorming session. Sort and Vote
Monday: Top 10 ideas draw out finals.
Tuesday: Document on blog.

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