To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

So just a general complaint about life not being easy enough huh? Seriously? In all the above no rights are being denied. There is no oppression in the general and common life circumstances enumerated. No measurable, demonstrable, example of any law or denial of any civil or natural right that prevents any woman from the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. So the kind of birth control you want isn’t free. OK. Lot’s of things aren’t free. Like most of my dental plan and eyeglasses. Can’t live without them and not free. And the girl who got pregnant and has to quit her job? Why on Earth is that the government’s problem? Or the taxpayers? You can’t add a constitutional amendment to prevent teenagers from being teenagers. What do you expcet America to do on that score? The truth is she had options and she made bad choices. She didn’t have to have sex. She could have used a condom. She can hold the father accountable. And guess what else she could have done? Had an abortion. News flash, there is no anti-LGBT agenda from Trump. There never was. Go watch 60 minutes and NBC. And sexual assault and domestic violence are already illegal. This country takes sexual assault and violence against women very serioulsy. College isn’t the answer for everyone and women aren’t the only ones who forgo University. Voter ID prevents fraud. ID’s are required for just about everything else you want to do in this country so spare me the nonsense about voter ID. And we have an immigration system just like every other country on the planet. If you chose not to come thru the proper channels I’ve no sympathy for you. That too is a choice. Life is tough for a lot of people not just women. Not everyone gets to be a millionaire. I should also point out that all of these circumstances that you don’t like existed for the last 8 years under Obama too. Trump has been president for 1/2 a weekday. It is quite frankly offensive that you would go to such lengths just to complain your life isn’t cushy enough while women and girls all over the world live with real oppression. Honestly, nothing above is oppression. It’s nice to have all those choices right? Don’t like your circumstances then work to change them like everybody else. You can do that in America. Not having the perfect life isn’t oppression.