Day 5 of Lent

What I’ve bought so far…

Every year I set out to give up something in observance of Lent. I was raised in a Christian church but I have attended non-denominational churches over the past few years so my version of Lent isn’t quite traditional. This year, like the previous years, I gave up unnecessary shopping. What do you consider unnecessary? Well let’s see…

More shoes.

Non-work related clothing.

Anything over $10 (that you don’t need).

Duplicate items.

I think you have an idea. I shop a lot. My current situation allows me some flexibility so I spend a lot of time exploring and exploring leads to spending. This is partly the reason why I felt it was appropriate to take this time to focus on something else.

Ash Wednesday rolled around and I set my goal. I had approximately 45 days until Easter. I would give myself until Good Friday then I could buy something unnecessary. The only kicker is that I had to get a purchase out of my system so I bought a pair of shoes I’d been interested in.

Then one of my favorite shoe retailers sent me a certificate. Sigh.

Why? Why did they have to send me a certificate right when I set out to fast from the very thing they were selling. I couldn’t just let it sit. So I stopped by a store on my route. I know, two pair of shoes and Lent hadn’t even kicked off good. I’m not doing so good but I did get a good deal. I didn’t even spend $1.00. Go me!

Fast forward a few days and I find a pair of work pants for $8. That fits into most of my categories, right? Shoes, no. Work related, yes. Under $10, heck yes. Necessary, I don’t know but I couldn’t leave them at that price. Why couldn’t I have just chose a traditional fast? Give up meat. Give up social media. Read your bible. We have about 40 days left until Good Friday. This is going to be interesting.

As always, hope this helps someone!


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